The shiny new 12,000-square-foot spec home at 2712 Broadway, which has been on the market since the end of last year with a $40 million price tag, has sold “in a battle with multiple bidders,” according to Pacific Union’s PR team.

The final contract price for the Billionaires Row home has not been released, however, as the unidentified buyers “have requested confidentiality.”

But any sale within 12.5 percent of its asking price would make 2712 Broadway the most expensive house sale on record in San Francisco, displacing 2950 Broadway which fetched $35 million in 2013 (at which point the 2712 Broadway parcel plans for the home that was built were on the market for $18 million or finished for a $28.95 million pre-construction price).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Muddy

    $38 Million, Hong Kong buyer.

    • Posted by bachman_erlich_overdrive

      I remember when I parked my 4 Runner in front of the house for the rendering. Never thought it would get the price.

      • Posted by Notcom

        Posted by soccermom 4 years ago: “All that money and some weed merchant will still park a crappy Toyota 4Runner in front of your house, even in the renderings.”

        Yes, it seems your efforts were rewarded. (I’m not sure whether you consider that libeled, or not)

        [Editor’s Note: As far as we know you can’t libel yourself.]

        • Posted by bachman_erlich_overdrive


        • Posted by Notcom

          COMMENTER NOTE: Are “BEO” and “Soccermom” one and the same? I was referring to the latter (implicitly) describing the former as a “weed merchant”.

          [Editor’s Note: As we said, you can’t libel yourself. And now back to 2712 Broadway.]

      • Posted by Inclinejj

        Even my 2003 Toyota 4 Runner looks much better than that one.

      • Posted by Serge

        That’s some bachmanity!

    • Posted by Sabbie

      Hong Kong? But everyone says there are no foreign buyers in SF, and all these millions come from your garden variety high paying tech jobs.

  2. Posted by Eddy

    Amazing. Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

    • Posted by Michael

      My first thought was more along the lines of caveat emptor.

  3. Posted by Mark F.

    I actually like this home a lot. Congrats to the owner.

  4. Posted by Addy

    I thought a-symmetrical shallow barrel vaults went out of style in the ’80s.

  5. Posted by Stop Driving

    I know a guy who is spending $40M to renovate a nearby home. Billionaires Row has been crazy ever since 2008 when those homes were heavily discounted.

    [Editor’s Note: Behind the $28.5M Fixer under Wraps on Billionaires Row.]

  6. Posted by Stop Driving

    Question for the realtors: What sort of commission is customary for a transaction of this magnitude? 3%?

  7. Posted by Philip

    I hope the buyer is rich enough to tear this monstrosity down.

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