2950 Broadway (Image Source: 2950broadway.com)

Hidden behind non-disclosure agreements and tax records stamped “DO NOT FILM,” you’re not supposed to know about the sale of 2950 Broadway which was purchased for $29,500,000 in 2011, remodeled a bit last year, and very quietly traded hands last month.

And you’re definitely not supposed to know the confidential sale price which has set a new record for homes in San Francisco.

With $875,000 in transfer tax paid to the city, the sale price for 2950 Broadway was $35,000,000 or roughly $3,182 per square foot, displacing 2840 Broadway to become the most expensive single-family home ever sold in San Francisco.

As we first wrote about 2950 Broadway back in 2009, “it’s the outer Broadway mansion from which Melvin Belli ran naked firing a pistol at his wife who hosted a real estate show for the highest priced properties on television,” the only one with a heated outdoor pool.

2950 Broadway Pool Aerial

The seller of 2950 Broadway was musician (think Tangerine Dream) turned real estate and natural resource investor Peter Baumann. The buyer was hidden behind an LLC.

Stay tuned for the hidden identity of the buyer who wasn’t a Facebook, Apple or Twitter founder. Nor was the buyer from overseas.

UPDATE: The Trainas Are Trading Up On Billionaires Row.

13 thoughts on “A Record Setting Sale On Billionaires Row”
  1. Such a wonderful house! I think it’s one of the best in SF!
    I wonder who purchased the home this time.

  2. Funny how you removed asiago’s post stealing your thunder until TT came in and stole it again, at which point you presumably gave up…
    [Editor’s Note: Our post above wasn’t supposed to include the name of the buyer’s LLC (as it originally did), and we did try to close the barn door after the fact, but yes, it was too late.]

  3. Socketsite is full of selective censorship. I posted a comment the day of the groundbreaking of the Transbay Tower, my comment was removed, and a new post was created about the groundbreaking of the Transbay Tower. Rather silly and trite.
    [Editor’s Note: Yes, we removed your off-topic comment about the Transbay Tower from a piece we published about plans to expand a building in the Mission. And later that day we published our piece about the Transbay Tower groundbreaking as it was scheduled and happening. Rather silly and trite, indeed.]

  4. nice of you to respect privacy
    [Editor’s Note: The details for a record setting sale, of a high profile property to a high profile couple no less, are relevant and newsworthy.]

  5. Outer Broadway is a lot of things, but it is not about privacy and quiet money . From presidential fundraisers at least twice a year, to the constant Getty events, to monthly partial street closures for security reasons for various visitors and celebrations, to the hourly tour vans driving while passengers snap pictures of “Billionaires Row” and guides name the owners of each home, how is this residential purchase about “privacy”??? Any San Franciscan who has lived here for a while can walk down these blocks and name AT LEAST 1/3 of the residents.
    This house has always been noteworthy in San Francisco with a long history of VERY loud colorful owners, and someone selecting to live here is interested in making a large footprint on San Francisco society. If you want privacy, there are plenty of the very very rich who select anonymity in addresses such as 2006 Washington or 2500 Steiner, both buildings that have a good share of billionaires quietly living inside, while tourists pass unknowingly below on their way to Outer Broadway. If you want a single family residence, the smart money buys one block below on Valleho where you are lucky to get one car an hour to pass by and never any tourists or visiting heads of state.
    One does not want to be invisible when one lives on Outer Broadway.

  6. I hear that they are gutting this terrific house.
    I also hear that Traina is not the owner.
    Am I hearing right?

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