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As we first reported earlier this month, the sale of 2840 Broadway quietly closed escrow in August, selling to a couple from the ‘hood and not to Larry Ellison as was misreported and then widely republished.

While the deed for 2840 Broadway was recorded with a “confidential” sale price and its transfer tax was hidden, tax records have caught up with the sale and suggest the property was purchased for $33,000,000.

While the sale price wasn’t unsubstantial for the 17,000 square foot Pacific Heights property, it was $7,000,000 below the supposed $40,000,000 that Ellison never paid.

7 thoughts on “The Confidential Sale Price For 2840 Broadway On Billionaire’s Row”
  1. Why did the buyer overpay?
    I have not reviewed the tax records, but tax records do not always capture unusual details of a transaction.
    What were the unusual details?

  2. Is this the most expensive SFR ever sold in San Francisco? I did a little bit of research based on tax records, and I can’t see anything in the hood that I know sold for more. Personally, I would like to the thank the new owners for the almost 400k dollars they will pay annually in property taxes on this pace – compare that to the paltry 30k the former owner was paying.

  3. dude:
    if $33 million is the reality (do you know if it is?), then more like $540,000 in Prop Taxes. that’s great news for the public school system!

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