2950 Broadway
It’s the outer Broadway mansion from which Melvin Belli ran naked “firing a pistol at his wife who hosted a real estate show for the highest priced properties on television.”
It’s a Frederick Herman Meyer design, and an ex-Decorator Showcase home (Miss 1987 to be exact). And as a tipster notes, 2950 Broadway is in the process of getting prepped for sale and “coming soon” (asking $39,500,000).
Also noted, it’s perhaps the only Gold Coast property with an outdoor pool.
2950 Broadway Aerial (Image Source: local.live.com)
∙ Coming Soon: 2950 Broadway – $39,500,000 [stevegothelf.com]
When Friia Ruled San Francisco Real Estate (A Reader’s Recollection) [SocketSite]
Frederick Herman Meyer [sfhistoryencyclopedia.com]

31 thoughts on “24 Karat Gold Coast Coming Soon (2950 Broadway)”
  1. Holy crap!! I’ve been out of town too long and didn’t know about this one. Maybe the best house on Broadway… It’s without peer.

  2. Easily the best house on Broadway. I’ve admired this house for years.
    Property shark makes it look like it was deeded to one of a couple who previously owned it, either because of a death or divorce. So whoever is selling it will probably sell it for whatever the market will bear, though I’m sure they’ve been warned it could take several years to sell. $54K in property taxes (assessed value: $4.65M) probably means she has nothing but time on her hands.
    8700 square feet.
    Can it get $4K+ psft? It’s probably the only property that could. It’s stunning.

  3. If I remember correctly, it’s the only one on the block with double lot frontage. I’m surprised that it’s only 8700 sqft! It’s big for sure. But I thought most homes on that block would be at least 10,000 sqft. If the house is up to date. Meaning all copper wiring, electrical done recently, etc. And inside is not dated a la 1990s, then $40M is probably about right. It’ll take the right person to buy it for sure. But it certainly has the best address and the best frontage in town. I bet the views from every single room is amazing.

  4. It’s more interesting that this home is actually coming on the market. I mean, come on, we know the owner didn’t get transferred to Seattle and needs the sale for a down payment. $40M is still a pretty big nut; and while superior in to 27 Raycliff I’m not sure it’s got a $10M premium over it. And I think the Raycliff comp was relatively high. Would you really rather have this home or 5-6 of the other $8-10M homes out there. OK, so I’d probably rather have this home — but you get my point. Yes this is a premier property. Yes, it’s 24k GC. Yes, it’s the type of property that could entice they type of buyer required to close this property. But the buyer here isn’t going to have a lot of competition and the seller has lots of margin.
    Also, there are several homes with indoor pools; but this is the only one I know of with an exterior, in ground pool.
    Looks like 2201 Baker is also flipping back onto the market soon as well.

  5. The Gettys have a double lot and a swimming pool, albeit indoors.
    Yes, this house has everything. But where’s the indoor polo field?

  6. Is this the house Michael Douglas’s Dad jumped off of during his childhood birthday in that movie with Sean Penn??

  7. The husband (owner) died recently (in the last year or so), so his widow is selling. It’s a fantastic house with a huge lot behind the house. Many of the these lots were subdivided for building on Vallejo, this is one of the only ones that survived in tact.
    Met them at dinner once and they told us the view from their garage was better than any in San Francisco.

  8. Yes this was Melvin Belli’s house, which if I remember correctly he bought for $400,000. When he and his then wife divorced, he was quoted in the paper saying something like “I am a good Italian husband – I put the property in my wife’s name.” She got the house and subsequently ran for SF Supervisor, and got caught lying on her resume.
    I was at a party in the house around 1980 during the Democratic National Convention in SF. (At that time it had a tacky 1960s kitchen, but that has subsequently been redone.The house was subsequently a Decorator Show Case house also). Jimmy Carter was at a party at the house next door (The Brooks Walkers). The front yard is a Tommy Church design. The pool in back was a joint project of 3 or 4 neighbors who share its use. Or at least did at the time.

  9. As I recall the pool goes with the property downhill, the one backing up to the Belli property. you better check this out. I do not think the pool belongs to Broadway house.

  10. 2950 Broadway Lot measurements are 77 feet on Broadway by 205 feet in depth.
    The swimming pool is on 2950 Broadway and for the exclusive use of 2950 Broadway.
    The home is the single most sought after single family home in San Francisco. It is the only home on the “Gold Coast” of Outer Broadway (Divisadero to Lyon) that has the home facing east to west. All the other homes run from south to north, with only 30% to 35% of those homes enjoying the Bay & Bridge views.
    2950 Broadway spans two lots and all the rooms except the kitchen and two upstairs rooms, have views of the full length of the Golden Gate Bridge & Presidio to Berkeley. Even the garage & lower level rooms have views that the homes on the south side of Broadway (across the street) would die for.
    The only other home in San Francisco that is close in prestige and value is the author Danielle Steel’s home on Washington Street, which is on a half block+. But it suffers in comparison as the views are not as good or panoramic and is surrounded by apartment buildings (even the best apartment ever built in SF 2006 Washington Street).
    2950 Broadway has an English garden the width of the south portion of the property, which no other home on Broadway has.
    This home will not be duplicated.

  11. There are a number of houses with outdoor pools in SF. I know of two in my neighborhood, Ashbury Heights. There’s one on up near UCSF Parnassus. Not as many as LA or OC, but they’re around.

  12. This is a SPECTACULAR home!!! 39.5 is a whole lot of money for a house that last sold in 1992 for 4.5 …now that is some major appreciation. Even with anything north of 10 million being a major profit, I’m sure the owner will be in no hurry to “unload”.

  13. @rocco, the outdoor pool comment was geared towards gold coast homes.
    @Fredrick, I don’t understand your “east to west” comment? Aren’t all the homes on that block oriented the same?

  14. Hi Eddy,
    @Fredrick, I don’t understand your “east to west” comment? Aren’t all the homes on that block oriented the same?
    All the homes on every block of Broadway, from The Embarcadero to Lyon (the entire length of Broadway) are from 25 ft in width plus to 40 feet, by 60 ft to 125 or 137.5 feet in depth.
    That street frontage of 25+ feet, calls for the design of the home to be 24+ feet wide by 50 to 80 feet deep. That results in the view portion of the home being 24+ feet wide up to 40 feet for the widest lots and the length of the home or condo to be up to 80 feet deep.
    The net result is that 30%+ of the home actually enjoys the views, while the rest of the home is usually on the lot line, with some having lot line set backs to allow light and air.
    Very few of the homes on any block of Broadway, actually have a garden or open space (parking!!) on the street side of the property. Usually it is a driveway and entry to the home and maybe a 5 ft to 10 ft deep garden.
    2950 Broadway, being on two lots wide, a total of 77 feet and a lot that is 200 feet deep enjoys a very unique asset.
    The home was built east to west, not north to south. This allows for the entire width of the home to have the unobstructed views, that command the highest prices in San Francisco. Virtually every room has the view from the Golden Gate Bridge (the full length of the Bridge) to Yerba Buena Island. On all four floors, even the garage!!
    The south side of the home (street side) has an English Garden that is at least 40 feet deep by 65 feet wide.
    The north side of the home has the swimming pool and additional gardens that the rest of the block drools over!!
    “The exterior of this stately home at 2950 Broadway has remained virtually unchanged since it was built by Stetson George Hindes between 1912 and 1915. Mr. Hindes, an engineer and owner of the San Francisco Bridge Company, designed the house to take advantage of the unusual site, formally three lots, now a combined 77 feet by 200 feet or approximately 1/3 of an acre.
    The homesite is wide -two Victorian mansions stood on the land when the Hindes’ bought it – and the design of the new house made good use of its width. Today, the house is the only home on outer Broadway that runs east to west, while all the other mansions run north to south, thus only 1/3 of those homes enjoy the bay views, while 2950 Broadway has unparalleled North Bay views from the Golden Gate Bridge past Alcatraz Island from all of the major rooms as well as south views of the English garden which runs the width of the property.”…

  15. Walked this home during the broker tour today (6/18) What an amazing property! Stunning views, and I must admit, Arthur (McLaughlin) did a great staging.

  16. Just noticed that the website was updated and has some great pics and a virtual tour. Rooms are a bit more narrow than I would have thought and the whole place is a bit more dated that I would have expected.
    @Fredrick, thanks for that description. Makes perfect sense now!
    @kurt7, in retrospect, kind of ironic.

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