66 Everson Exterior
It’s a Charles Warren Callister designed Mid-Century Modern home up in Glen Park.
66 Everson: Living
In great condition and “largely unchanged from its original design” except for what looks like some new bathroom fixtures and counters, a remodeled lower level (which “may not be warranted”), and an updated kitchen (in a way that works).
66 Everson: Kitchen
∙ Listing: 66 Everson (3/2.5) – $1,849,000 [66everson.com] [talklien.com] [MLS]

15 thoughts on “66 Everson: Charles Warren Callister Designed Mid-Century Modern”
  1. it is wonderful inside, such a shame I was never a fan of the huge mansard look.
    And I agree, props for the kitchen work.
    $711/ft² seems a bit steep to close to me at least. Must be the whole architect premium.

  2. It’s a very distinctive design, it was very well built, but… it looks like an old McDonald’s.

  3. Great looking on the inside. The mushroom top is absurd. Update the bathrooms and you are set to go. Dont forget to make sure the alarm works: YOU ARE IN WAKING DISTANCE of Fed housing that will never go away!

  4. Whoa…it’s a house with a face for a facade!
    I guess the architect was a huge fan of Super Mario

  5. @hud patrol: Are you referring to the housing up on Diamond Heights Blvd? “Walking distance”? I walk up there with my dog but he’s a crazy puppy who doesn’t mind walking that distance…

  6. I will characterize Glen Park as a neighborhood in transition. Seven foreclosures (NOD, NOTS, bank owned) to 15 homes for sale. Still has the Real SF Seal of Approval.

  7. Love the kitchen, although I wouldn’t have put granite in for that era. Something a little more matte and less striated, maybe?

  8. Where do you collect your stats from EBGuy?
    When I first started out, I was using Trulia as they allowed you to drill down by neighborhood and provided both the foreclosure and for sale stats. Unfortunately, it appears that Trulia is at least a month or more out of date (definitely more on the foreclosures). Currently, I’m pulling the foreclosure data from Yahoo!RealEstate (which gets it from RealtyTrac, but Yahoo allows you to search by neighborhood. Be forewarned, the Yahoo interface is a POS, and you’ll want to hurl your mouse across the room). I get the for sale data from Redfin. Depending on the area (Twin Peaks West, WTF!?), I might have to hand count foreclosures in a neighborhood to match boundaries. The whole metric is rather rough (seasonality!?), but it’s a no brainer to kick a neighborhood out of the Real SF once the foreclosures (NODs, NOTS, bank owned) outnumber the homes for sale. BTW, Noe is still safe 🙂

  9. It’s a bastardize mid century. The mansard roof look horrible against the clean lines below. The inside does look nice. The kitchen is nicely done except the granite counter top which looks out of place.

  10. Saw this on Sunday open house. Is much better than it looks in these pictures – great flow of spaces, great views on 3 sides, excellent condition. Wonder exterior spaces. In perfect original shape, except kitchen appliances and (unfortunate) counter tops – although the granite pattern is more toned down in actuality. Needs nothing to move right in.

  11. This 2600 foot Glen Park property is pending after two weeks of marketing at a price point not possible in 2004.

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