The $40 million spec home at 2712 Broadway up on Billionaires Row, which the Wall Street Journal profiled yesterday, has actually been on the market for a few months. And in fact, a number of plugged-in readers have been interested. But a flag (or two) has been raised.

In the works for nearly a decade, a major selling point of the new 12,000-square-foot home is its panoramic views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge, a feature we highlighted years ago when the former $7.8 million home on the lot was being rented to eight twenty-somethings by the developer and to the chagrin of neighbors.

And with the multi-year construction of the now $40 million spec home nearing completion, and its early marketing underway at the end of last year, the paperwork for a major expansion and addition to the rear of the adjacent home at 2714 Broadway, the development of which could impact 2712’s views to the west, was filed and said plans are now working their way through Planning.

Keep in mind that the 2712 Broadway lot and approved plans for the home that was built were on the market for $18 million, or finished for a $28.95 million pre-construction price, back in 2013. And that a sale at $40 million would make it the most expensive house in San Francisco.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

29 thoughts on “The Real Story behind This $40 Million Spec Home”
  1. If you buy a home at this price for the views, you should figure in some money for buying all of the lots between you and your view, putting easements on them, and reselling them.

    1. Someone who can’t afford a 20,000 sf home 🙂

      But I hear ya’, once one gets beyond 3 or 4K I don’t really see the point: nine bedrooms or some Waldorf Astoria sized “great room” that see use maybe 4-5 times a year… they somehow seem out of sync with some DINC couple who claim they’re so busy traveling that they’re seldom home.

        1. Exactly !! And if you have a deck maybe you don’t even need the 4-5 times (tho perhaps all guests aren’t as al fresco-friendly as the Browns, and of course this is SF, which is usually too cold to eat outside…)

    2. Probably no one. Just like no one really needs a 4,000 square foot home, unless you perhaps have 20 children.,

      That said, I am not sure why you are so amazed by the side. It is not the biggest home in San Francisco by a long-shot, and mansions many times its size have been built in San Francisco and the rest of the country for many, many generations.

      No one really needs anything big or expensive. They want it, and they have the money to buy it. That is how it works. If you ever come into the same kind of money, then you are free to spend it on things that bring you joy or donate it all to charity–whatever you see fit.

    1. They have been building homes as big or bigger since the beginning in this city. Even Indianapolis has homes the sames size or larger.

      People are homeless not because a small number of people live in mansions but because the city seems to lack the political will and know-how to deal with the problem. New York handles the issue of homelessness much more effectively, though it is still a problem there, too.

  2. The may ask for $40 million, but I’m not convinced they’re going to find anyone willing to pay it for this house.

  3. it’s mind-boggling that one will pay property tax of 400K/year on one house. it’s even more mind-boggling that CA state and city agencies need to raise taxes and fees to provide bare minimum services when they are taking in whopping amounts of free money from these perpetual real estate windfalls.

      1. Keep beating the dead horse of Prop 13 repeal. Aside from property taxes, CA is a high tax state. But in liberal dreamland, government always needs more money, like a junkie needing another fix.

  4. What’s mind boggling to me is that they are asking $40mm for something that looks like a very nice high school theater in Tracy. Maybe a science building at Cal State Fullerton.

    And no, I don’t have poor taste, your mom has poor taste.

  5. I don’t really get all the hate for this place. Yes it is a modern style, but it really does not look bad IMHO. I do question the price. Can you haters point out a modern home that you really like?

    1. I generally have an aversion to contemporary designs, but you are right, this one isn’t bad. Sure it looks like crap when compared to the adjacent properties, but on its own it’s actually okay. One thing to note, however, is that this place will look dated in a decade whereas the two houses on either side will continue to look timeless.

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