In the works since the end of 2014, as we revealed at the time, the Prado Group formally broke ground on the redevelopment of the Sullivan’s Funeral Home site at 2238-2254 Market Street, on the border of Duboce Triangle and the Castro, this morning.

The redevelopment, which should take around two years to complete, will rise up to 55-feet in height adjacent to the Beck’s Motor Lodge building and will now yield a total of 44 new residential units – a mix of 11 studios, 9 one-bedrooms, 20 two-bedrooms, 3 three-bedrooms, and one four, with five of the units to be offered at below market rates – over 5,200 square feet of new ground floor retail space and a basement garage for 24 cars with its entrance off 15th Street.

17 thoughts on “Market Street Mortuary Redevelopment Is Officially Underway”
  1. Is that existing building at the top right corner of the site on 15th in the project too? I noticed it’s been renovated recently but wasn’t sure if it was part of their scope

  2. old aerial! Thai restaurant on the corner is long gone! So sad that the DuLux paint building wasn’t torn down, and instead just renovated into the Chase Bank….it will now be one of the few surface parking lots (aside from municipal ones) left in the Castro. Good riddance.

  3. Glad to see at least 3 3-bedroom units. Although will probably be filled with roommates, it’s a good thing. Too bad 3-bedroom units were eliminated from the 344 14th Street development.

    We are not building a family friendly city although I guess units can be combined as is common in NYC.

  4. Golly gosh that architecture is so distinctive and creative. We sure have evolved from the ugly 1920’s and 30’s historic landmark garbage. Whew!

  5. We’re steadily filling in the parking lots on Upper Market. Next up, I’ve love to see one or both of the gas stations on Castro and Market go. The Pet Food Express (Market and Dolores) as well as the Union Workers building (Duboce and Market) are glaring underutlizations of the space as well. I wish the Chase Bank (15th/Sanchez/Market) would go away, but I imagine with their deep pockets that’s not happening anytime soon.

    1. I doubt the Chevron will ever go away, or at least not soon. The “Castro Gas” (formerly RC, formerly Arco) on the diagonally-opposite corner had an entitled project there, but there was (is?) a long legal dispute between the developer (who had a purchase contract but did not actually own the property) and the actual owners. While that was being fought, the entitlements irrevocably expired, so it’s back to the drawing board there. Haven’t heard any rumblings about new plans for the site, but you never know….

      [Editor’s Note: Judge Rules In Epic Battle Over Prominent Market And Castro Site (after which the Prominent Market and Castro Street Site [was] Back in Play).]

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