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Taken to task by a plugged-in reader for not publishing the latest designs for the proposed redevelopment of the Sullivan’s Funeral Home building and adjacent parking lots, designs that have yet to make their way to the development team’s official project site, we now have the latest renderings to share.

2240 Market Street Rendering 2015

The revised designs include all-new window treatments and exterior finishes. But in general, the mass of the proposed 2240 Market Street development, which would rise up to 55-feet in height adjacent to the Beck’s Motor Lodge building, a building which has been deemed a historic – yes, historic – resource by the City, remains the same.

And as we first reported earlier this week, the proposed LEED Platinum project has been prioritized for processing by the City and is now formally under review.

15 thoughts on “Rendering Reveal for Market Street Mortuary Redevelopment”
  1. Hardly the “completely redesigned” plan one might have inferred from the reader’s comment. Interesting project website though.

  2. um, if becks motor lodge is historic, but the significantly older funeral home building will get torn down, what does ‘historic resource’ really mean then?

    1. The parking lot is not a historical resource so they’re building over it. The mortuary building will still be there.

    1. actually, I just did…there’s a submit comments section on their website.

      [Editor’s Note: And based on IP traffic, you did with your comment above as well.]

  3. Beck’s Motor Lodge (AAA approved) – a HISTORIC landmark? Well, to some people it is… if those walls could talk. It’s an interesting piece of period architecture but is it really of historic merit?

    1. It sure will look oddly out of place on that stretch of Market 20 years from now when everything else is built up with modern condos and no surface parking.

  4. Yeah, gay male history is not important. Our history can easily be erased to cater to new upscale migrants from the suburbs.

    1. The morturary is part of “gay male history?” It is a morturary that was built several decades before the Castro was known for being a gay neighborhood (it was an Irish and Italian, and also Scandinavian, working-class neighborhood at the time). Also, most people moving to SF, including the Castro, are not moving from “the suburbs.” Most new residents are moving from other cities. Finally, gay history is a lot more durable than you seem to think. It cannot be erased by a morturary being converted into condos, thankfully.

      1. Chris, he’s referring to Becks, next door, which was a fairly notorious cruising area in the 80’s to 90’s. But regardless it’s pretty ridiculous to claim that it is historic and worthy of preservation for that reason. I believe it’s probably officially historic simply because of its age (more than 50 years) and perhaps due to its typical (for the time) motor court architecture.

        “According to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), all buildings constructed over 50 years ago and possess architectural or historical significance may be considered potential historic resources and proposed changes to these buildings may require some level of environmental review.”

        That doesn’t mean you can’t tear it down, necessarily, but there would certainly be additional hoops to jump through. The mortuary had similar historic designation, and they’ve chosen to preserve the façade.

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