Crane Cove Parking Lot

Across the street from the future Crane Cove Park which will cover nearly ten acres of San Francisco’s waterfront between Mariposa and 19th Streets, with a new sandy shoreline, waterfront walk, large green and plaza/promenade which will accommodate farmers markets, food trucks and other large gatherings, sits the port-owned 60,000 square foot lot at the southeast corner of the intersection of 19th and Illinois Streets.

And as proposed, the Dogpatch site will be paved and become a 250-space surface parking lot, in part to accommodate a small portion of the predicted spill-over parking needs for the Warriors’ Arena in Mission Bay which will host over 200 events a year.

21 thoughts on “Planning for a Prime Waterfront Parking Lot Is Underway”
  1. I’m actually not opposed to using this location for parking however I would ask – is this expected to become a multistory parking lot, or just a surface parking lot? I’m fine with a multistory lot, not so fine with a surface lot.

    [Editor’s Note: Surface (and since clarified beyond “paved” above).]

  2. Hope this is a multi-story parking structure. The need will be there if the Chase stadium is built. Plus, why not multiple levels – unless the plan is to develop the lot sometime in the future for other uses.

    1. Chase Center is a fait accompli, Dave.

      Not that I particularly like that particular building in that particular location.

  3. Sweet windfall for the development across the street….looking out to a beach. Although this will be a great place to come at night for “beach parties”, hope they have some night watchmen.

  4. I’m with everyone else. If we’re going to have it be a parking lot, why only a surface lot? Why not make it a full on multi story parking garage? It makes no sense. I’d much rather have one six story parking garage than several parking lots.

  5. A surface parking lot signals that this is just a temporary use of this parcel. There won’t be much lost when it is torn up and replaced with something better. A parking garage on the other hand will cost more to build and there will be greater inertia to remove it. It could be a blight on Dogpatch for decades.

    I see the ultimate (well at least in my lifetime) use of this space as a multi-story commercial or residential building with parking concealed underground and/or in the center.

    1. The effect of the ultimate use of this parcel had previously been the subject of discussion regarding the proposed development for 2177 3rd Street.

  6. 10 stories underground. like the Union Square garage but bigger and deeper.

    should be 1,000 car bunker and that area will blossom much more quickly.

  7. “… the future Crane Cove Park…”

    That has been its status for years now. When are they ever scheduled to actually begin construction?

    1. I just came across a doc for the bid / contract and work to be done, from earlier this month. I assume permits and such will be next. Hopefully, that means shovels hit the dirt this fall?

  8. Planning’s zoning map still shows the park area and everything directly south as being zoned for heavy industrial. Is that changing anytime soon? Hard to see a park just upwind of heavy industrial getting much use.

    Off topic, wonder how much it would help revitalize Bayview if the 3rd St corridor was all rezoned to urban mixed use (rather than PDR/industrial). I understand the desire to protect working class jobs, but it seems to be coming at the cost of isolating the Bayview, assuming the PDR zoning for about a mile of the 3rd St corridor is still current.

  9. Can we add a gas station and car wash . . . just so there is one left within the city limits. As I was entering Safeway on Webster on Saturday some guy stopped me and asked if there was a car wash anywhere around, and I drew a complete blank. I think there’s still one on 9th south of Market but I don’t consider that anywhere around there. As long as we are parking cars, they will need gas and it wouldn’t hurt if they were clean.

    [Editor’s Note: You were likely thinking of the one on 10th.]

    1. The City is what, 7 miles across? You could criss cross it how many times on a single tank? This bemoaning the loss of gas stations is getting ridiculous. And there’s a car wash at Geary and Cook for $10 a wash where you don’t have to do anything but sit in your car.

    2. There’s a new car wash near Bayshore and Cortland if you’re heading over to Lowe’s. Just opened in the last year.

  10. Building a parking lot will only encourage people to drive to arena events. They should be forced to wait for saturated public transit, or walk, for their own good.

    1. Or, take the money that would’ve gone into building the parking lot, and spend it on increased transit service instead so we can transport more people for the same $$ and with less pollution. Crazy idea, I know.

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