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The designs for the proposed Dogpatch development to rise on the southeast corner of Tennessee and 20th Streets, behind the former Police Station at 2300 3rd Street and adjacent to the former Fire Station at 909 Tennessee, a building which was purchased by a plugged-in reader a few year back, have gone through another round of refinements as requested by the Planning Department.

As proposed, the existing one-story Furniture Innovation warehouse and showroom building at 901 Tennessee Street, a non‐contributing building within the Dogpatch Landmark District, will be razed in order to make room for the new four-story building which includes 44 dwelling units – a mix of 3 studios, 23 one-bedrooms, 15 two-bedrooms, and 3 three-bedrooms – over an underground garage for 33 cars.

And as refined by Workshop 1 “to reinforce [its] compatibility with the surrounding district,” the façade of the building has been finished with a mix of painted wood, concrete-finished cement plaster, and anodized black windows.

901 Tennessee Rendering Refined


13 thoughts on “Refined Designs For An Industrial Chic Dogpatch Development”
  1. Parking lot? Or is that just perpendicular parking on Tennessee?

    Replace the wood slat with oxidized corrugated steel (or something of the kind) and we’re working…

  2. Why is this only 4 stories? Looks like maybe a few units at ground plane on one side, but most units on floors 2-4. Add a couple more floors, squeeze in maybe 25 more units.

    This whole city needs an upzone.

  3. It’s right between the firehouse that sold a few years ago and the police station that just burnt down a short block from the soon to be razed bank/camera shop. In a couple of years, this is going to be one hell of a block. The amount of construction on these couple of blocks has been insane (in a good way.) Any word on when the two low structures on either side of the stanley saitowitz building on 20th are going to be gone? They suddenly seem like such outliers.

  4. So they are dead-ending Tennessee at 20th? That’s a good idea, it’s an awkward intersection as it is.

  5. Wow, along with 777, 815, and 950, this makes the 4th proposed condo development within about 1 block on Tennessee in the last year. I wonder if sales (and resales) at Esprit Park and Millwheel have anything to do with this. Have any of the above been approved or broken ground?

    1. The projects currently under active construction in Dogpatch are that at 23rd and Third and 650 Indiana where the Cocomo restaurant has been razed and site preparation is underway.

      I believe the development to replace the SF Opera warehouse also on Indiana is fully entitled and should break ground shortly.

  6. Whats happening with the adjacent beautiful old Police station the City owns and is letting fall down piece by piece?

    Hopefully they will not tear that down.

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