While an official re-opening date for San Francisco’s fractured Salesforce Transit Center has yet to be released by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA), the contractor performing the fix is on track to finish at the end of May.

At the same time, a comprehensive inspection of the entire structure, which has yet to raise any new red flags or concerns, is nearing completion and the results are slated to be presented to an independent review panel next month as well.

And as such, assuming the building is given a clean bill of health, the Salesforce Transit Center could potentially re-open in June, with an early re-activation of the rooftop park now looking a lot less plausible.

12 thoughts on “Salesforce Transit Center on Track for a Potential June Reopening”
  1. Pardon my laziness if I overlooked this, but does anyone know whether work on tenant space within the transit center was halted during this period? That is, will the opening dates for any of the shops, services, etc. also have been delayed because of the defects and subsequent repair? Thanks.

    1. When [will] the salesforce “park” be open? No one seems to know. Reports were saying in june, it’s almost the end of june and we, the general public, [haven’t] a clue.

  2. The new fitness SF gym is definitely delayed. All the new shops and stores have had there construction halted while the cracks are fixed. So hopefully they will continue construction soon.

        1. no dogs in this park because they are trying to recycle the water, and they can’t deal with dog urine and feces in the recycle system.

    1. Dogs don’t work in this park. First, getting them there is difficult. Once they’re there, there’s going to be a lot of altercations w/ folks who have food there — which is TONS of people from 11-2 (and many afternoons with the events they have there). Now, the pee and poo…a few dog owners who fail to clean up after their beasts ruin it for everyone else. I love dogs, but agree they’re not appropriate here.

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