With the fix of San Francisco’s fractured Salesforce Transit Center on track to be completed by the end of next month, we turn our attention to a full accounting of all leasing activity – and the master timeline – for the center’s thirty-six (36) potential retail, restaurant and commercial spaces.

As we first reported last year, Eddie Rickenbacker’s, Philz Coffee, Fitness SF and OnSite Dental were the first batch of leases to be signed. And since then, Venga Empanadas, Charleys Cheesteak, Per Diem and Tycoon Thai have all inked leases as well.

Leases for Italian, Venezuelan, and Chinese restaurants are under final review, along with leases for a tea shop, café, chocolate shop and hipster barbershop (which will serve cocktails).

And letters of intent have been submitted by a Mediterranean restaurant, an American restaurant and a cellular shop, while tours to operators of a proposed tap room, sandwich shop and “night club/co-working” space have been given.

In terms of timing, the first round of tenant improvements have been contracted are getting underway, with both Venga Empanadas and Charleys Cheesteak aiming to be ready to open this August, followed by the first Philz (October), the second Philz (November), OnSite Dental (December) and the 34,000-square-foot Fitness SF on the center’s second floor in January of next year.

The current goal is to have all 36 spaces leased, improved and opened by the second quarter of 2020, with the Salesforce Park café atop the center anticipated to be the last to open (circa June).  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

15 thoughts on “What’s Opening in San Francisco’s New Transit Center (And When)”
  1. What is the purpose of the exterior screen skin if it’s butted up against by the roof of the mezzanine level? Is it really like that all the way ’round?

  2. Seems like a lot of retail for a bus station not likely to ever see Caltrain or HSR added. I guess it’ll serve as a food court for those working around TransBay sortof like the Metreon or lower-level of Westfield SF.

  3. Any rumors on Amtrak? I gotta hand it that their stalling was the right call in light of what happened, but they can’t exactly operate from temporary transbay forever.

  4. Gotta say, not living in SF anymore, so haven’t seen the beast in the flesh. That sidewalk level photo is just plain fugly to me, so many overhanging columns, screen not interesting from this view, sort of quonset hut type siding on underside of roof, and is that wire up there hung with light fixtures?

    1. It’s actually not as bad in person, but clearly not as photogenic when up close. The columns are such that the bus deck can be wider than the footprint. The footprint is narrower because Muni buses terminate at the ground level around part of the terminal, so this allows buses to be concentrated in one area.

      By far the coolest feature – which we won’t see for a while – is a bike ramp from Howard to lower mezzanine level for bicyclists who use Caltrain.

    1. Brilliant! Could easily be 500 beds and a 10 year lease as there will not be any other use for it for at least that long.

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