Purchased by onetime Bank of America Chairman and CEO, David Coulter, along with his wife, Susan Weeks Coulter, for $15.225 million in 2006, the 9,100-square-foot Presidio Heights mansion at 3444 Washington Street returned to the market with an $18 million price tag early last year, having failed to sell when suddenly listed for $17.5 million in mid-2008 as well.

The previously renovated six-bedroom home features some big views from its upper floors, not to mention an outdoor amphitheater with an adjacent outdoor kitchen/snack bar under the home’s rear deck.

And as a plugged-in reader correctly notes, the resale of 3444 Washington (very) quietly closed escrow last month with a $14 million contract price, purchased by a fashionable couple who recently returned from an extended stint in London.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Amewsed

    I can see this home’s appeal after living in London. For a comparable neighborhood, this would have been much more expensive in London.

    • Posted by oakland lover

      Yes you are right about London. This place is pretty nice and stylish IMO, not that its in my price range….but compare this to the comparable uber rich level junk/excess/bloat we see down in the southbay on this site. This is style.

      • Posted by Notcom

        I concur that this is “nice and stylish” but it seems unfair to single out the SB for architectural crimes: there’ve been any number of SF horrors shown on this site, and I think once the amount of new construction in the different areas is taken into account, they are likely comparable.

        • Posted by Oaklandlover

          That’s true, good point! This is the first truly nice and classy one in a long time maybe.

  2. Posted by SFwatcher

    bidet: check!

  3. Posted by Notcom

    IIRC it turned out that Mr. Coulter valued all things San Franciscan a lot more than other people, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn he overpaid for this as well.

  4. Posted by sfdragonboy

    “Lowered” demand due to superstitious Asians staying away from a home address with all those number 4s….

  5. Posted by Mystery Realtor

    It’s a lovely home. I toured it a few years back. It feels very “London” so the new buyers don’t surprise me. I am a little surprised that the owners took less than then what they paid, instead of waiting it out.

    • Posted by Tipster

      Yes, his “mere” ten year wait to sell this since originally listed in 2008 just feels positively rushed.

      • Posted by Ohlone Californio

        Yes, because you are conversant with precisely how they utilized the property during those 10 years. [/sarcasm]

  6. Posted by Torger Cobus

    I love how they use a stone to hold the rolling barn door next to the outdoor kitchen.

  7. Posted by Conifer

    The amphitheater will require one or two blankets on each seat.

    While they made changes, at least they preserved most of the interior architecture. It is a very nice house, in a neighborhood that 35 years ago was inhabited by upper middle class doctors (including the house immediately east) and lawyers and architects, but now only the very rich. Gentrification comes to PresHts!

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