3444 Washington

So the pictures aren’t particularly fantastic, but the backyard and private amphitheater do sound quite fantastical. From the $17.5 million listing for 3444 Washington:

A welcoming place to entertain, the garden was recently transformed to a level yard by elevating the ground six feet with new retaining walls. A checkerboard pattern of grass with granite cobble stones, and a gravel border was designed to allow for drainage during the rainy season.

3444 Washington: Backyard

The outdoor amphitheater with seats terraced into the landscape, features a movie screen that hangs between cleverly crafted bronze bamboo poles. The bamboo theme is carried throughout the borders of the yard, up-lit to create a dramatic ambience at night.

3444 Washington: Amphitheater

No word on whether or not they also bothered to add any open flames.

11 thoughts on “It’s Not Often A Listing Can Tout A Private Outdoor Amphitheater”
  1. Too bad this city is turning grayer and grayer.. oatmealier and oatmealier.. the only use this will get will be to watch re- runs of Dynasty.

  2. Ugh. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this place is mis-priced badly. At least they built a real fire in the fireplace rather than pchop it. For $17M I’d hope to have better views of the GGB than from the pent-room. I just don’t see this place going for over $2k per sft.

  3. I didn’t mean to imply that this place is going to fetch anywhere near 2k psf. I think $1500-1600 psf is more realistic.. That’s a top end of about $12.5M. There are a few similar comps in 7C of a similar variety that have sold for much less although they had no views.

  4. wow SF you are an ageist 🙂 Speaking as someone who is not grey but maybe should be, I have to explain something to you. We might be older, but we are wise enough to know not to buy an overpriced place with an outside amphitheater in chilly San Francisco. Unless the seats are heated. Actually we are pretty fun, once you get to know us.

  5. PS notice all those poor kids bundled up as they sit in front of the big screen in the amphitheater? They’ve probably been whining for hours to be allowed back indoors to the tv in their bedroom, lol.

  6. —-RRRiiiinng—
    Hi, this is the neighbors,

  7. This property sold a couple of years ago for 16.5 million. Remember 3730 Washington sold at the end of last year for around 14 and is a total fixer. Ditto for 3800 Washington which sold for 19+ and needs 10+ million in renovations. 3444 was recently remodeled by JMK so it should be in move in condition. Plus you get the added bonus of living near the Fishers.
    That said, this is going to be a tough sell because I’ve never heard of this real estate company. You typically need a superstar realtor to move these type houses.

  8. I was looking yesterday at Curbed in NY and LA (I prefer this site), but I’d have to say, if I was buying in that price range, I doubt I’d do it here. 17 million is way too much for that place. You could buy a palatial, historically significant work of architecture, even in New York for that. And in LA in that range, you’re looking at unimaginable opulence. This is a nice, big, but fairly standard house in a snooty neighborhood. The only thing truly exceptional is the price… but I’ve seen places on this site site that look nicer at 1/5 of that price, and close in location to it.

  9. come to think of it, the Armory sold last year for $4m less than the current list price for this house. i wonder what the price/square foot was there?

  10. They tried hard with the landscaping. Bamboo does look cool, and the grass and granite is nice. Keeping grass going like that can be a wet nuisance, though. The bamboo is likely to make a mess of the space or at least try, and the older trees look like they are withered by something. It is kind of nifty, but doesn’t work for me and that outside monitor is an oddity to be sure. At these prices or anything near changing the landscaping completely would be a pittance.

  11. Sleepiguy, thanks for the insight there on the previous selling price. I’m shocked at the sale price. There were a few sales in that area that inflated values and most superstar agents know the buyer and the properties. Not sure if this is one of them, but I really think this price is a stretch.
    I’ve also noticed a few recent superstar listings come on that are not repp’d by superstar agents. Interesting.?

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