1635 Castro: Deck
With only two weeks on the market it might just be marketing, but the list price on 1635 Castro (Noe Valley) was just reduced $100,000 (6.3%) and the listing now notes, “Owner is motivated, has bought another house.”
If nothing else, we are quite enamored with that sunroom and deck. And okay, perhaps the kitchen too.
∙ Listing: 1635 Castro (3/2) – $1,495,000 [MLS]

11 thoughts on “It Might Just Be Marketing, But What The Heck: 1635 Castro Street”
  1. Just perfect for a mid-level google PM!
    Last sold for about 1.0m in late 03, so my guess is it’s a (clever) marketing gimmick. If I recall, this is a nice location (if you like Noe), because the 24 diverts just before on busier clipper, and it’s still flat-ish — you get the wide street “for free” as it were.
    I will be *shocked* if it does not go at this price.

  2. Sold in 2003 for 1M, exactly 10 years after it got foreclosed and resold by City for 287K
    Not that it applies here. There was probably a lot of work done on the house looking at the permit history.

  3. Owners say 1702sqft, records indicate 1552sqft; $900/sqft seems high in this sqft and price range. I’m sure someone will tell me that Noe is worth well over $1000/sqft and that this place is a bargain…

  4. Front facade needs to be redone completely. Zero curb appeal. The glass block is not authentic to the house..and looks cheap..and blocks any view of the street. Maybe thats why the MLS doesnt show any interior shots of the rooms with glass block. House is prob originally Edwardian or so..Glass block should be replaced with more appropriate wood double hung windows..I’d get rid of the stucco too.

  5. I have no idea why they used glass block to stop that lovely tunnel view of the house next door with that tangle of wires hanging down. You’d think they’d want to see that every day.

  6. This house is right around the corner from us. It’s next door to the mini mart. The 24 stops on that corner and travels up and down Castro right in front of it.
    More importantly, we’re watching this sale closely, because our landlady is has just told us she’s selling our property as a million-dollar TIC unit.

  7. “Great place, wouldn’t be surprised to see this one go fast.”
    Um, hasn’t it been on the market for at least a bit? After all, it was just reduced.

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