2848 Union: Garden
A plugged-in “Tipster” correctly identified the listing to be based on a single view shot from the balcony, and now it’s officially here. From before to after, 2848 Union Street has been “extensively remodeled” in conjunction with Werner Design Associates inside and Topher Delaney out back.
2848 Union: Garden
And while we do like what they’ve done throughout, we have to admit it’s the garden area that immediately caught our attention as what was once described as a “charming Green House or ideal Play House for the youngsters in the family” has been replaced with “an exquisite contemporary oasis with fire and sculpture elements.”
And no, this isn’t any April Fool’s.
∙ Listing: 2848 Union Street (3/3.5) – $5,000,000 [SF Properties] [Previous Sale]
Coming Soon In Cow Hollow (But We Want To Know Now) [SocketSite]

25 thoughts on “From Play House For Youngsters, To Contemporary Oasis With Fire”
  1. The “after” pictures of this property are outstanding; however, the reason for creating fire in the walkway……?

  2. here I go again with my pet peeve: $5M and no bidet!
    Ah, to be rich and… smelly! (still better than poor and smelly)

  3. The fire installations are controlled with “The Clapper” (batteries not included). There are three different settings: Smoldering Shag Rug, Krazy Kampfire, and Wall ‘O Destruction. I’ve seen more and more flaming yards over the last few years; it’s becoming a California cliche. Prediction: in-ground jets of flame will be the granite countertop of 2008.

  4. “fire ! fire’s cool !” … Beavis
    The back yard is now a really neat looking sculptural installation. But for me it would be a waste of space. It won’t matter to the buyers of this place though. They can afford to show off the burning back yard for a few years and then redevelop it back into a comfortable and practical garden a few years later when the novelty wears off.
    Interesting that for one person the old back yard featured a “charming green house”, but for another it was a piece of junk to be demolished.

  5. The garden fire touches are an interesting concept, but I agree with Milkshake that the novelty will wear off after not too long. Either that or I’m a wee bit envious.
    In terms of it’s utility … the owner could play Doctor Evil and ‘illuminate’ unwanted guests. That adds new meaning to the phrase “light a fire under his a*s” 🙂

  6. Wow, The surge must be really working. We can sell the Prius and use the backyard to burn off excess Iraqi oil.
    Absolutely no place for a recycling bin in that yard. She should have also added loops of the animal killing video from the SF Art Institute. As an Architect I have worked with Topher Delaney on healthcare projects, but note to self, NEVER AGAIN.

  7. Thank you Redseca2, I was afraid to speak up but you hit it on the head. In a city as “correct” and “green” as San Francisco claims to be, this backyard reminds me of what people expect in their backyards in Dubai or Beverly Hills. What happened to the refined sophisticated understatement of a landscape designer like Thomas Church? Why must everyone want to live like they are in L.A. while living in San Francisco? I don’t know about other designers, but we are only doing LEED projects in our firm now, period, and this would never be allowed.

  8. Hope you’re dog is smart enough to not get burned on that one. Or your kid. Seems a liability. And hope it’s not lit when the eartquake hits.
    Are they including that loft space in the square footage.
    Should be interesting– there seems to be a few properties out there or coming on in the $5M wishing range. Curious what Sleepiguy thinks on this one.

  9. Is it just the foreshortening (and seriously agents, when it makes your armchair look like a chaise longue, are you really fooling anyone?) or are those ceilings really low?

  10. Elsewhere a gravel pit and burning hydrocarbons are considered an environmental disaster. The emperor has no clothes.

  11. Hmmm… I know several people that passed on this property the first go round because it was too small and had an odd layout (the loft space really isn’t to everyone’s taste). I’m not sure new paint and new floors constitutes an “extensive remodel.” Maybe there’s a new bath or two (I can’t tell), but the kitchen hasn’t been updated. Yes, the location is great and Malin rarely overprices houses, but I think it’s too expensive. I say it’s worth maybe 4.2. That said, Malin is very persuasive and her clientele won’t have any problem with the price tag. I expect it will go for close to asking. I also expect her listing on Washington to go for well above the list price.

  12. People with children and people who care about the environment will sure love a backyard that shoots fire! Talk about a ridiculous back yard that can turn off buyers.

  13. This is sort of OT, but it was brought up in the thread… 2515 Scott is in contract.. huh? Will it close?

  14. pretty amazing place – and location. Doesn’t surprise me that it’s already in escrow. Let’s see what is next ….

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