2515 Scott Street: Then
2515 Scott Street: Now
And by the numbers: 1 sweet Otis elevator; 2 lots; 4 levels; 6 car garage; 8+ bedrooms; 11 bathrooms/fireplaces; 97 pictures; 2,000 bottle wine cellar; and 19,750,000 dollars. Originally designed by Clinton Day (and very much renovated since).
UPDATE: And a plugged-in reader’s comment we couldn’t resist (and which beat us to the punch): “I used to live nearby and they’ve been working on that house for at least 6 years… maybe more… In fact, they had to paint it twice it took so long.”
∙ Listing: 2515 Scott (8+/11) – $19,750,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sleepiguy

    Oh, I posted too soon! It’s just monstrous. I think it’s almost too big to function as a single family home… Your kids would just get lost in it! It would a make a nice B&B though. Plus, it’s got that Winchester Mystery House vibe. I’m pretty sure it was divided into units at some point, but now looks like there’s just one legal apartment somewhere.

  2. Posted by Awake

    Love the two plum trees they planted out their from the Friends of the Urban Forest. The more trees the better.
    Kinda interesting who buys these houses. Unless you got 4+ kids, kinda more than enough space no?
    SF never ceases to amaze me the kind of prices are out there, and the people paying these prices. All I want is a 2,500sqft Green St. SFH for $2.5 million. Is that so hard to ask as a local?

  3. Posted by Maida

    Wasn’t this the most recent Designer Showcase house? Interior was much more interesting then than now with the staging…
    [Editor’s Note: Not quite, the most recent Decorator Showcase Home was 2901 Broadway (which is still on the market).]

  4. Posted by anonarch

    They went all the way on the elevator! It is rare to see a commercial standard elevator in a private residence. That alone cost a fortune!
    So what is going on? Are prices in the upper level properties still going up, or is the dollar coming down? The one thing the “bears” have not explained is how buying now would be a bad idea if the current regime in Washington continues to trash the dollar. I am not talking about SOMA condos, but properties on the north side of the city. Are places such as this as well as Euros and Gold becoming safe havens?

  5. Posted by akrosdabay

    For some reason I’d rather pick 120 sea cliff over this one. This just doesn’t feel like a house more like a hotel. Its nice and hige but for some reason from the pictures feels cold and unwelcoming.

  6. Posted by john

    i prefer the before. unless they needed the extra room, it seems to have lost the proper perspective. doesn’t look like 15 mil either.

  7. Posted by john

    oh my goodness, i misread. price is 19.75 mil

  8. Posted by bobo

    Too many pictures of this house. Who has 2 hours to browse all of these? I’d rather see quality than quantity… and so would a potential buyer!

  9. Posted by Scott

    That house was so beautiful and over the years they’ve managed to make it fugly. Totally deviod of any charm.

  10. Posted by Mole Man

    The number of bathrooms goes up to eleven, so whoever buys this home must really be full of __it.

  11. Posted by Michelle

    “Hennefer, a partner with Hennefer, Finley & Wood LLP, bought the house at 2515 Scott St. in San Francisco in 1999. He intended to make the subdivided mansion back into a massive single-family home for his relations, including his great-aunt in Park Merced and several others who wanted to live in The City, he said. But by the time the renovation was finished this year, several of them had died, and plans changed.”

  12. Posted by Becky

    I have seen this house being built over the years. A lot of work has gone into it. The spouse of the seller is an artist and has done extraordinary work on the interior. This would be a beautiful home for the right family.

  13. Posted by SFBlueCollar

    The staging is down, any idea who bought this monster?

  14. Posted by M

    I work for a design firm working on this home. I can verify that it is indeed a single family home owned by a couple with a well known last name, in the home entertainment industry.

  15. Posted by sfrenegade

    “home entertainment industry”
    Is that a euphemism for porn? Or do you mean electronics?

  16. Posted by eddy


  17. Posted by sfrenegade

    Thanks, eddy. I thought he lived in Presidio Heights, for some reason.

  18. Posted by Denis

    He kept the Jackson St. house too…
    2515 is just a nightmare of a place. Maybe the design team has sense made sense of it, but when I went in, it really was a slightly updated Winchester Mystery house. The floorplan was confusing and just bizarre..
    The one redeeming feature was the lovely, old pepper tree on the north side of the house.

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