Speaking of public open spaces, parks and land use in SoMa, San Francisco’s Department of Real Estate has negotiated a $9.725 million purchase price for five adjacent buildings at 11th and Natoma Streets.

If the acquisition is approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, the hearing for which is expected to be held within the next month or two, the purchase will be funded by way of the City’s Open Space Acquisition Fund, with the intent of leveling the five buildings at 145-165 11th Street, 964 Natoma, and 973 Minna Street to make way for a new half-acre park, which would be about the same size as Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley.

Keep in mind that the existing commercial leases for the five buildings don’t end until 2024, the design and programming for the future 11th Street Park has yet to be determined, and a feasibility study to identify interim uses for the site and phasing is planned.

San Francisco’s Supervisorial District 6, of which SoMa is part, has the least amount open space of any District in the city.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sassy

    A promising location for a new park!
    The adjacent parking lot could then be built with a building having window frontage onto the park…

  2. Posted by Panhandle Amigo

    Great move by the city. Soma is a desert for parks.

    • Posted by swiftamine

      Especially considering that the Hub Plan is increasing the residential density of this area.

      • Posted by Panhandle Amigo

        Yep. In twenty years, after two more boom cycles where industrial buildings are demolished in favor of 5-25 story mixed use buildings, Soma is barely going to be recognizable.

  3. Posted by Rachel

    GREAT!! A new spot for the homeless to pitch tents!

    • Posted by Fishchum

      Man, if I had a dollar for every internet commenter that makes this comment, I could’ve bought this parcel.

      • Posted by heynonnynonny

        Gotta clear out the homeless so the yuppie puppies have a place to poop and scream at each other.

        • Posted by Ohlone Californio

          1987 called and it wants its pejorative acronym for urban work people back

          • Posted by heynonnynonny

            I’d be happy to use the new pejorative, I’m just out of touch.

            Whatever you want to call apartment dwellers with dogs, there are too many of them in SF and this park will be their dumping ground.

  4. Posted by Elitist Pig

    Every owner with a building around this block that is built under what’s allowed is rushing to hire an architect right now…

  5. Posted by pablito

    Very cool!

  6. Posted by spencer

    this may be one of the worst places for a new park. it is basically already a homeless encampment area. instead of a park, a nice 20 story market rate condo builidng would be best for cleaning up this area

  7. Posted by unlivable city

    That is less a park than somewhere between a lawn and a parklet. They could make the Caltrans yard and green belt created by tearing down some of the 280 into a real urban oasis. In the long run it would add more value to the city than making a few real estate speculators a bit richer ever would.

  8. Posted by Pierre Smith

    We need a moratorium on all parks going up in the SOMA until we change the laws regarding shading. Every new bit of park space costs us housing space. This is a terrible plan.

  9. Posted by John Dunlap

    Do what they do in London and make the space a semi-private public space until the homeless issue is resolved.

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