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Leveraging the City’s adopted Western SoMa Community Plan, Equity Community Builders has been granted a plan-based exemption from having to complete a detailed environmental review for their proposed four-story development to rise on the parking lot parcel at 915 Minna Street.

915 Minna Rendering

As we first reported earlier this year, the permitting for the project, which stretches to (944) Natoma Street and now includes a total of 46 apartments over an underground garage for 21 cars, is already underway.

And assuming the project, which isn’t asking for any exceptions or variances and could be constructed in around a year, is approved, the parking lot could soon be shuttered and the ground broken.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Jon @ SFBARF

    It’s a crying shame how fast we are filling the precious remaining spots in the city with really low-density buildings. So shortsighted.

    [Editor’s Note: Or as we wrote in 2012, A Short-Sighted Plan For Western SoMa?]

    • Posted by Jake

      yup, we should definitely halt these new housing projects until we can redo the entire plan for western soma to ensure higher density and guarantee adequate supporting infrastructure. That should be, what, another decade or two.

      • Posted by Josh


        • Posted by Jake

          yeah, if only someone had though to build an actual subway network suited to move people around the urban grid, instead of a single line which mostly shuttles suburban commuters to and from the 4 stations in the CBD.

          YEAH, IF ONLY…

    • Posted by Oh Dear

      Go check out the site, then come back and explain how a high rise residential structure on this site will mesh along the minna alley, just 25 feet from the highrise just built on the other side of minna, which goes through to Mission.

  2. Posted by Matt M

    I feel your pain, but please stop crying. The zoning is the zoning. You want it changed, get the process started.

  3. Posted by suburbanoid

    way better than parking

  4. Posted by jlps

    This could not be any uglier of an architectural design. REALLY? This is what gets approved for Western SOMA?? SF planning is doing a horrible job. A blank slate. A huge open canvas of a lot upon which anything interesting. could be built. Anything to inspire. Anything to be proud of. Embarrassing.

    • Posted by tyler

      at least it’s a forgettable kind of bad?

  5. Posted by alberto rossi

    I’m scratching my head a bit looking at the render. Is the building set back from the property line? Are the bay windows at the property line? Are the stoops behind the property line? If so, that seems pretty bizarre.

    [Editor’s Note: No need to scratch, simply follow the link to the site plan above.]

  6. Posted by alberto rossi

    So there is a setback. But why? I get that the sidewalks are too narrow for the stoops. Why not recess just the stoops, like 15th and Mariposa, behind the Armory?

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