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Originally expected to break ground by the end of the year, the building permit for the 136-unit development approved to rise at 1532 Harrison Street, across from the Eagle and adjacent to the proposed 200 unit micro-unit project to rise up to eight stories in height at 333 12th street, has yet to be approved and appears to be in a holding pattern.

1532 Harrison Street Rendering

And with an estimated timeline of 18-20 months to construct once the ground has been broken, Build Inc. is now estimating the development, and most likely Eagle Plaza, won’t be ready for occupancy before the first quarter of 2019.

Eagle Plaza Rendering 2016 - Bernice View

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by t

    ew… good? They know there’s more tools in sketchup than just extrude right?

  2. Posted by BTinSF

    The rendering, at least, reminds me of many quickie featureless cheapo brick apartment buildings thrown up in eastern cities in the wake of WW II to house returning veterans.

  3. Posted by scott f

    Well I like it and it can’t replace that parking lot soon enough. Why do delays like this happen? Should we contact the planner?

    SocketSite, do you know why this was changed from group housing to traditional apartments? Did the city in fact close the BMR “loophole”? You had reported they might but didn’t follow up.

    • Posted by Brandon Baunach

      Yep. Loophole closed about a year ago. I think they’ve been looking at a traditional scheme for some time.

  4. Posted by Torger Cobus

    Goodby to the Eagle. The occupants of the new condos will not tolerate a loud bar/club across the “plaza.”

    • Posted by ohmy

      But you would.

    • Posted by scott f

      The BoS passed a law last year preventing this exact scenario. Residents of newly constructed housing have to agree they won’t complain about already established entertainment venues. I believe Breed and Wiener were the strongest champions of the measure.

      [Editor’s Note: Legislation To Protect Clubs From Encroaching Condos.]

      • Posted by ohmy

        What about entertainment that comes into residential areas? Happened in my soma area. The Entertainment Commission grandfathered the club, the club promised they would self police and self control noise. Did they? The neighborhood still hears the base, and the club still does not clean up after it’s clients the next day. We learned a lesson. Don’t believe the Entertainment Commission, they are all in the industry.

  5. Posted by ldr

    it looks better than that ugly piece of crap proposed for ninth and howard.

    ss, the least you could is find out why this project is in a holding pattern before you publish.

    • Posted by SocketSite

      We know why: the fire department hasn’t approved the plans and placed the permitting process on hold. But more importantly, what’s that mean for the timeline of the project? Well, as we reported above…

  6. Posted by SFrentier

    With [Supervisor Campos] going ape sh!t over what that SFBARF Sonia gal recently said over the South van ness project, thus requiring a revised EIR, isn’t there great pressure on planning dept to re-examine the entire eastern neighborhood plan?

    If so then not only this project, but all the others are effectively put on hold? Geez, this is even better than the mission moratorium! Just as rents are starting to soften, the last thing we need is more housing units coming onto the market. (Thank the socialist BOS clones and nimby’s once again as the law of unintended consequences strikes again.) SF landlords, rejoice!

    • Posted by Chris

      Rents soften? A drop of 7 or 10% still leaves the city as one of the most expensive places in the world in which to live. When rents come down 75% (which they never will), then SF may be almost affordable for the average person. I get your being sarcastic, but I am not sure what the BOS has to do with a developer delaying a project for a little while? This project was already approved, regardless of what happens to eastern neighborhood plan, the only thing that would stop this project is some appeal of the permit based on a procedural issue or a lawsuit.

      • Posted by ohmy

        SF will never be able to accommodate all who wish to live here, for rent rates paid in say Omaha. Never.

    • Posted by scott f

      Campos admitted there was no legal basis for his vote. It’s settled law that CEQA does not cover supposed indirect environmental impacts stemming from demographic change. Planning will continue to rightly ignore Campos, and we’ll have a gloriously Campos-free, less obstructionist Board come January.

      • Posted by moto mayhem

        campos is a socialist thug, very much like hugo chavez

  7. Posted by Fishchum

    Was the club there before the “residential”? If so, tough.

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