437 Duncan Street

Having butted heads with neighbors over a proposed penthouse level, the modern Noe Valley home at 437 Duncan Street, which was designed by Iwamoto Scott Architecture, was built without.

Listed for $4.375 million in June, the asking price was inexplicably increased to a rather inauspicious $4.444 million in August before being reduced to $4.099 million last month. And yesterday, the sale of the four-bedroom home closed escrow with a contract price for $3.9 million.

On this day of thanks, here’s to hoping your home and stoves are warm, your pantry is plentiful, and your table is overflowing with family and friends. Safe travels if you are, we’ll see you next week.

10 thoughts on “Warm Thoughts of a Modern Thanksgiving Dinner and Home”
  1. No doubt the owner must love “open plans” and has no teenage daughters, who do not like to share bathrooms with their siblings. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Anyone able to explain why a place like this would raise the price even after it has become clear that it isn’t selling at the current market price? Is it meant to make the future price cut look that much more drastic? Which seems like a pretty easy tactic to see through if so.

    1. As we alluded to above, the price change to $4.444 million would appear to be a complete misunderstanding of Chinese culture and numerology.

      While the number eight (8) is an auspicious number, and a price of $8.888 million would be considered to be particularly fortunate, it’s not because of its symmetry nor repetition. And a price of $4.444 million wouldn’t simply be half as auspicious or fortunate, nor does it equal two eights.

      In fact, the number four (4) is particularly inauspicious and to be avoided as it represents death.

  3. Noe Envy: Sometimes realtors change a price up to get the house into a new listing catagory. Let’s say the house was listed at $4,000,000 even and their are 25 similar houses. Well if they raise the price to $4,250,000 that can not have any similar homes.

    Or it could be the seller wanted or needed to clear a certain amount? Like to buy another property.

  4. Preety sure in this case it was because the realtors were [foolish] and or desperate. The place (which has no soul) was languishing

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