1532 Harrison Street Rendering

The plans for a three-building development to rise up to seven stories at Harrison and 12th Streets have been granted an exception from having to complete a lengthy environmental review.

And as part of the proposed 1532 Harrison Street project, the conversion of 12th Street between Harrison and Bernice into a “slow street” and leather-themed “Eagle Plaza,” with permanent planters, benches, tables and chairs, is closer to reality as well.

Eagle Plaza Rendering

The pedestrian-only areas of the plaza would be used for active and passive recreation, festivals, performances, special events, and limited, small-scale commerce to activate the space, such as temporary food trucks and/or a coffee kiosk.

Eagle Plaza Design

The number and type of events to take place on Eagle Plaza may entail monthly plaza-wide events including but not limited to: farmers’ markets, local festivals, small-scale live music events, and/or outdoor movie nights. Additionally, ongoing daily programming may include a coffee kiosk, fitness classes, outdoor seating and gathering space, and/or dedicated space for a lunchtime food truck. For some events, the slow street would be closed to auto access.

Eagle Plaza Rendering: Street Closed

While the 1532 Harrison Street project was originally proposed as 235 residential rooms clustered into 28 “co-living” houses, each with a shared kitchen, dining area, living area, bathroom, laundry and outdoor space, Build Inc. has officially dropped those plans and is now pursuing approvals for 136 conventional residential units, a mix of 50 studios, 31 one-bedrooms, and 55 two-bedroom units, within the same mass.

In addition, the development now includes 85 underground parking spaces (up from one) and 1,600 square feet of retail (down from 4,200 square feet as first proposed).

And if approved by Planning, the new timeline calls for breaking ground no earlier than Second Quarter of 2016 with construction lasting 18-20 months.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Seriously

    The “so-called group housing BMR” sounds like another name for SRO. Not sure this is going to help improve this area. Will it create a better neighborhood or another TL?

    [Editor’s Note: See UPDATE below and since updated above.]

  2. Posted by Dan

    These will be all or (if the loophole is closed) mostly market rate apartments– so no resemblance to TL SROs.

  3. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The original “co-living” proposal has officially been dropped and the project team is now perusing the plans for 136 apartments as outlined above, and with a timeline that now calls for breaking ground no earlier than Second Quarter of 2016 and construction lasting 18-20 months.

  4. Posted by GoBlueInOakland

    That’s disappointing. Solving San Francisco’s housing affordability crisis is going to require a range of solutions – amongst them bringing back rooming houses – a form of market-based affordable housing that used to exist in American cities through to the early 20th century until the NIMBY types of the era effectively made that form of housing illegal.

    Seattle, the nation’s leader in the production of 21st century micro-housing, has – until recently passed NIMBY legislation – put 1,000s of micro-housing units into the market, providing an affordable housing solution for single working people, without needed a dollar of public subsidy.

  5. Posted by John Fagundes

    Are the homeless who live by the site now going to use this community space? Where will the traffic go through once the street is closed off?

  6. Posted by unlivable city

    So in the land of the original Stud, the long gone Eagle and the barely hanging on everything else that was once SOMA+GAY, this “rises.” Rich developers know this: your own children hate you because you steal their history from them.

    • Posted by Al

      Poetic. Also far fetched and entirely desperate.

    • Posted by Dan

      The Eagle is still there!

      • Posted by G.R.Lee

        A shell of what was the Eagle is there.

        When they started admitting people wearing tennis shoes, the Eagle died.

        • Posted by SFcitizen

          That is a leatherist remark and shouldn’t be allowed in the 21st century.

  7. Posted by Landru

    Actually, it’s your parents and grandparents who hate you because you steal their history from them.

  8. Posted by eflat

    can’t wait to see the hobo tents popping up in the new plaza….how do they afford the tents, aren’t they expensive…..the new SF housing: a tent with a shopping cart in it’s driveway…

  9. Posted by JWS

    Given the Folsom Street Fair flags in the background, they could have invested in some far more interesting rendered people…

    • Posted by SFcitizen

      I agree. Where are the leather harnesses? The rubber hoods? The kilts? I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

  10. Posted by MDG399

    LOL – “Monthly events” – is that polite speak for whatever happens in the alleys after whatever debaucherous behavior spills out from Th’Eagle onto the street?

    Mind you I don’t care…

    Just curious

  11. Posted by jamesjr

    “Active and passive recreation”. Hmmm.

  12. Posted by Build Public

    Thanks so much for the great coverage of our Eagle Plaza project! We are excited that this project continues to move forward and evolve with support and input from the community.

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