1641 Green Street 2015

Designed by renowned architect William Wilson Wurster and lovingly maintained, the Pacific Heights property at 1641 Green Street was listed for $3.499 million last year and sold for $4.2 million fourteen months ago.

Last week a tipster noticed the stagers at work.  And last night, the 2,442-square-foot home – which features big windows and two patios overlooking an over-sized backyard and garden originally designed by Thomas Church – was listed for $3.995 million.

16 thoughts on “One Year Later And Listed For $200K Less In Pacific Heights”
  1. I spent enough time in Wurster Hall, I’m still too haunted by that concrete box to live in one of his houses at that price.

    1. The interior is actually quite pleasant, but I still do not understand how this qualifies as architecture (exterior)? Take a box, cut out some square or rectangular windows and call it a day. It’s cold and soulless.

      1. There’s this story from olden times called.. “The emperor’s new clothes..”
        If it looks like a square cheese box with windows cut in it… Could things indeed be as they appear?

  2. Although even the reduced price may be staggering, I think you meant to write that a tipster saw “stagers” rather than “staggers” at work. If the “staggers” were men having a wake for a buddy’s last night of being single, thank goodness they didn’t damage any of that paneling.

  3. That paneling is beautiful. Can anyone fill me in on how long it lasts and what sort of maintenance it needs? How do you hang pictures?

    Is this the original paneling from the 40’s? If so, was it restored at one point?

    A Telegraph Hill home featured here not too long ago was all wood on the interior, but had marks on the wall from where pictures had protected the wall from fading.

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