1532 Harrison Street Rendering

With Build Inc’s 136-unit development rising at 1532 Harrison Street, across from the Eagle in Western SoMa, the ground for the long-awaited Eagle Plaza, which will transform a portion of 12th Street between Harrison and Bernice into a new “pedestrian-oriented” plaza, will officially break ground tomorrow, June 18.

While value engineered a bit since first envisioned, Eagle Plaza will feature a shared public way which can be closed to traffic for gatherings, events and performances, as well new green spaces, hardscape areas upon which street furniture can be assembled and a permanent pole upon which a leather pride flag will fly at the intersection of 12th and Harrison, celebrating San Francisco’s Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District, history and community.

And if all goes as planned, the construction of Eagle Plaza should be finished by the end of the year.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by L'UrbanistaSF

    With any luck the club owners can pull the bollards so that bands can actually unload and load their gear safely.

    • Posted by Sassy

      More leather gear scale figures please!

  2. Posted by Hunter

    Great – hope this is a good harbinger for more car-free (or car-lite) spaces in SoMa.

  3. Posted by hundoman

    The war on the automobile is almost complete in San Francisco.

    This was and is a great route to get from downtown over to Harrison St from Howard which is one way.

    I guess the 450,000 registered vehicles in SF and their owners will be losing out again.

    • Posted by Anonymous

      Are you for real, or is this just parody?

    • Posted by Brian M

      There are eight other counties in which to live your happy-motoring autosexual lifestyle. I hear that the strip malls in Union City have plentiful parking for your SUV!

    • Posted by Invented

      The war hasn’t even begun. San Francisco looks like a crowded slow moving mobile parking lot — and just wait until all the Ubers are parading around with lit advertising on top of cars. The visual lit up parking out. It’s coming. Think bright lights, digital, ads everywhere u look.

      Parklets, street closures & and these plaza conversions are the v tip of rethinking streets. More please!

      • Posted by BTinSF

        It’ll all come to a complete stop once the last gas station is redeveloped into a condo and there is no place at all to acquire gas in San Francisco County.

        • Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

          In case you haven’t heard, there are mobile apps that will enable you to summon a truck (itself burning Diesel fuel) with a driver who will come to your place of work and refuel your car while you’re at work or shopping. Same reason you can’t control the hedonistic use of marijuana by restricting the location of pot stores.

          I realize it’s an anecdote, but when I leave work and go into the parking garage where I work, I see those purple-colored trucks at least twice a week.

          And that, my friends, is why it is too late to address climate change and why traffic will only get worse. People will not change their behavior in response to public policy choices.

    • Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

      Agree with Invented. The way you know that the war hasn’t started yet is because there’s been no attrition. Vehicle miles traveled is increasing, number of San Francisco households with a car approaching 79%, etc.

      • Posted by jimbo

        yes, car ownership is increasing and bike commuting is not increasing, despite what you might hear on brainwashed sites like streetsblog. to make a dent in this car problem we need better public transit.

  4. Posted by Drunkulus

    What a hideous affront! This is what happens when rent control means developers are only building for millennials who will leave once they decide that they want a back yard, a kitchen, a child, or even maybe a car.

    • Posted by Anonymous

      Hate to break it to you that there is a mountain of data on millennial preferences discrediting your extremely incorrect and extremely hot take.

      • Posted by Drunkulus

        Oh! I had no idea. Do you have a single shred of evidence to share?

        • Posted by Drunkulus

          Oh noes, look what the intertubes says: “Heightened focus has been trained on an increasing trend in which aging and child rearing Millennials have opted to leave their urban nests for the space and opportunity of the suburbs.”

  5. Posted by haighter

    Great project! Now how do we keep it from becoming a homeless camp/drug bazaar? I worry this plaza will have a chain link fence around it in 3 months just like McCoppin park.

  6. Posted by SfSomething

    Nice. More places for the homeless to shoot up and defecate. This will be beautiful!

    • Posted by Anonymous

      Yes, because one small plaza is going to make that problem worse…

      Get real.

  7. Posted by MDG399

    ‘Bear & Leather Culture’


    (Relax, this gay man is allowed to chuckle at that line….)

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