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The public hearing which could clear the way for Grocery Outlet to finally restock the former DeLano’s Market at 1245 South Van Ness Avenue has been scheduled for April 28.

Shuttered since 2010, Fresh & Easy was originally slated to take over the store’s lease but financial woes waylaid those plans.

And while plans to reduced the size of the existing 21,500-square-foot store by two-thirds and build over 100 condos across the site were being explored, Grocery Outlet isn’t planning any more than minor exterior changes and a minimal remodel inside.

31 thoughts on “Hearing for Grocery Outlet’s Bid to Restock Shuttered Mission Store”
  1. OK, I did my part and thumbed thru the links, but couldn’t find what the grounds are to (even) necessitate a public hearing: is this the standard MO to open any business these days, or maybe selling dented cans is promoting “microagression”…or somethin’ ??

  2. San Francisco’s process is insane. Replacing one grocery store with another grocery store should NOT require a public hearing. And because of all this BS red tape, we end up with a huge site sitting empty for years.

    1. that isn’t the reason the site sat empty for years. The reason is that Fresh and Easy had it tied up, then ultimately failed. Socketsite was quite clear on that issue.

  3. This would be such a good spot for a Trader Joe’s…
    Affordable, yet relatively healthy options for all demographics in the area.

    1. GO fits in more with the demographics of the area. GO customers are latino, black, and white working class. TJs is more in line with white middle class/ upper middle class.

      1. A MI Pueblo would be nicer in keeping with the efforts of Calle 24 to maintain some of the neighborhood’s Latin identity.

      2. Errrr…have you taken a look at the demog’s of the area lately??? Many upper mid class folks moving in. TJ is a much better option than GO. There is a Foods co 8 blocks away. This is such a campos move- keep the mission poor. Wheeee!

      3. Not sure you’re very clear on the current demographics of the area, which has changed remarkably in only a few years.

        1. And sorry, that is a response to the original poster, but I see several other folks have mentioned the same thing. I should add that clearly there is still a large lower/middle class demographic in this part of the Mission, but with every house sale or apartment vacancy it is changing. For that reason Grocery Outlet is not a horrible thing, as it provides for a variety. For more yupscale shoppers it’s not far to Whole Foods in Potrero.

      4. My experience is the demographics of GO customers reflect the surrounding community. There’s no bias towards the ethnic groups you mention.

    2. A TJ’s would be a much better fit with the demographics of this board and undoubtedly would draw in many of the newer residents. But the GO will probably do fine with the existing neighborhood.

  4. oh no! Not a Gross Out! What a waste of a good site! I agree that a Trader Joes would be a much better fit for the community in the area.

    1. Actually there are two – one on Geary and one on Bayshore Boulevard. But I agree, there are many more TJ’s and this is a good location for it. Also, it appears that many posters have never been to a GO. They don’t sell dented cans, they mostly sell overstock and odd flavored and discontinued flavored items of higher end brands, tons of Cliff bars, Kashi cereal/granola, Strauss organic ice cream, etc. and some great wine deals. The produce isn’t the best but the fruits are good.

      1. Did not know about the GO in the Richmond or Bayshore. In any case, it would be perfect to have one in the Mission.

  5. A high end grocer would be rejected because it would add to gentrification and “hurt” the neighborhood. The fact of the matter is that BO will be selling at bargain outlet prices crushing all small latin Mom and Pop stores. What will happen when all the mom and pop stores close? Distressed wood covered trendy restaurants will move in.

    [Editor’s Note: The Imminent Gentrification of La Parrilla Grill.]

  6. I live near here. Not in favor of a Trader Joe’s. I don’t like buying my produce pre-wrapped in plastic.

    Would prefer a full-service grocery, like Cala or DeLano’s who previously occupied the site. Never been to a GO, so don’t know what to expect.

    We don’t need a high-end grocer like Mollie’s or Whole Foods. Just a good grocery with a bit of everything.

    1. Produce is for sure the weak link at Trader Joe’s. But there are plenty of bodegas and small markets around there that have produce covered. TJ’s smartly priced packaged goods would compliment existing stores very well.

  7. I say good luck to Grocery Outlet who will have to deal with the anti-business climate of San Francisco.

    Years ago, the CALA/Bell Grocery Store closed down at 1336 Post (between Franklin and Gough). In 2007, Grocery Outlet tried to open a grocery store in the location. One of the Supervisors (I forget which one; they all get so removed from reality when they get in office, over time it’s difficult to remember which one did what counterproductive thing) put up so many hurdles for Grocery Outlet that Grocery Outlet, in disgust, just walked away from the property.

    So, now for 9 years, the property has sat vacant where a neighborhood grocery store could have been serving us. We could really use a grocery store at that location, but who can blame Grocery Outlet for saying screw it and leaving the 34,200 Square foot property with an upstairs parking lot.

    I admire any company who can deal with the down-the-rabbit-hole San Francisco city rules/regulations, NIMBYs and the idiosyncratic Board of Supervisors to try to do business in this town.

    The building at 1336 Post Street would seem to be a prime place for a store. It’s near the hospital being built on Van Ness and next door to a Walgreens. Whole Foods, the closest grocery store, is about to get inundated with crowds when 2 nearby apartment buildings are completed. The Webster/Fillmore Safeway is already a madhouse and the lines at the the Hyde/California Trader Joe’s are getting longer and longer. Yes, there are a lot of stores in the neighborhood, and they are only convenient if you have a car in anti-automobile San Francisco and are not a senior citizen or disabled. The NIMBYs with cars and nannys will fight to the death the proposed Whole Foods Lite proposed at the closed Lombardi Sports Store on Polk.

    The neighborhood is primed for a grocery store at 1336 Post, but apparently nobody wants to touch 1336 Post Street, and who can blame them. Grocery Outlet, may the force be with you in your efforts at the Mission location. You got a long fight ahead of you.

    1. Another ridiculously simplistic and agenda – driven “analysis.” I’m sure that whatever it was that can’t-be-recalled supe did 9 years ago explains fully why the property has sat vacant.

      1. You are absolutely right. Thanks for taking the time to set me right with a well-written, powerful critique. I now regret offering an opinion. We can now rule out one simplistic explanation why the property is vacant for 9 years.

        I’m sure buyers/developers don’t see a 9 year vacancy as a red flag and take the time to look back on the history of that building.

        I would welcome any ideas or information from you regarding the reasons the property has sat vacant for 9 years. I admit that my “analysis” was ridiculously simplistic. Apparently, there are reasons that aren’t ridiculously simplistic, but I can’t think of any. My mind isn’t up to the task; I don’t know much about real estate. I live in the neighborhood and am concerned about the property which made me “agenda-driven.”

        I attempted to contact the realtor but didn’t get a response, so now I look to knowledgeable authorities like you for assistance. Thank you, in advance, for more specific guidance on this important matter.

    2. Instacart?

      That solves the crowding issue at least. On a recent flight home I used the Wifi on the plane to place a grocery order that arrived at my door just a half hour after I got home. Clever time-saver! Try it.

      1. when delivery apps actually have to pay for the cost of delivery (rather than just build market share with VC money) that’s not going to be such a great option for most people. And that day is quickly coming.

        1. Are you implying that giving out crisp $500 bills from VCs to “drivers” is unsustainable?

          All joking aside, I wonder if Amazon is close to cracking the “last mile” problem with their Unstores? Order before noon and pickup on your way home.

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