6333 Geary Site
Vacant since the end of 2010 when Cala Foods moved out, this afternoon San Francisco’s Planning Commission is expected to approve Grocery Outlet’s proposal to take over and renovate the 13,500 square foot retail space at 6333 Geary Boulevard.
The proposal involves interior remodeling work as well as exterior improvements including new metal canopies murals on the building’s west facade. The parking lot will be reconfigured to accommodate 28 cars with handicap parking versus 30 spaces before.

The project will provide landscaping and perimeter fencing to screen the parking area where none existed currently, installing 30-inch high green screen fencing and planting strips, shrubs, and trees. In addition, a total of eight (8) new street trees would be planted along the sidewalks on 271h Avenue, Geary Boulevard, and 28th Avenue (click images to enlarge):

San Francisco’s Planning Department recommends approval for the project, the permits for which were filed in February with hopes for a quick start.

11 thoughts on “Grocery Outlet’s Plans For A Shuttered Cala Are Slated For Approval”
  1. We need a grocery store in this location. The future of the Fresh and Easy at Lincoln Park is tenuous.
    Call me crazy, but I think a repainted operating grocery store with some new shrubs is a better use than a shuttered one.
    Go planning!

  2. It’s fine, but I’d rather them not put much money into it. We need this thing torn down and replaced with a grocery store + housing. Such a waste of space as is.

  3. I’ve never understood why Whole Foods doesn’t try to open a store in that part of the city. I have no idea if the neighborhood really wants one, but at least Whole Foods would do more with the property than a discount grocer.

  4. ^^^
    My guess is that the demographics (predominately Asian folks living in the area) and economics (small number of potential Sea Cliff customers) do not support a Whole Foods here.

  5. i have been writing to whole foods and trader joes for the last 7 years after the albertson’s (now fresh & weird) closed, begging them to consider opening in our neighborhood. i know a WF market would draw from the western & northern parts of the city, demographic notwithstanding.
    i know it’s good for something to open in the old delano’s space, but grocery outlet (“gross out” as a friend in santa rosa calls it) is hardly a reasonable choice for those who want to have a quality shopping experience. i thank the heavens above that the farmer’s market will be opening in the inner richmond to give us an option for organic produce without having to drive across town.

  6. I would have liked a Whole Foods or Trader Joe. I believe demographics would support it…people want to eat healthy now and are willing to pay for quality.

  7. Grocery Outlet is certainly a compromise and a higher end store would have been nicer, but I can see why one of the bigger names might not want to jump into the fray.
    If/when/ever they get the Safeway on Ocean remodeled, it will be better. That existing store vs. one of the more suburban locations is quite different.
    The other Trader Joe’s in the inner Richmond is probably too close to this site on the corporate geo-strategy map.

  8. What a missed opportunity to add an attraction for families like a bowling alley or roller rink There are so many young people in the area with grade schools, a middle school and a high school all within walking distance. There are already so many good sources of great food in the Richmond District. I guess we don’t have a source for bottom of the barrel food.

  9. “I guess we don’t have a source for bottom of the barrel food.”
    You may want to try the store again because you can find quality stuff if you look for it. I go for the discounted gourmet and specialty foods. Just ignore the products that doesn’t suit your tastes. As their slogan goes: “shop us first”, it isn’t really a great place for one-stop shopping. But you can get some great bargains on quality food.

  10. I totally agree with Milkshake. Can’t wait for Grocery Outlet to open. Have shopped at their various locations for 28 years. As long as you don’t expect them to have everything you need or your preferred brands, then you can find some amazing deals. Think of it as a treasure hunt.

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