1490 Ocean Avenue

As plugged-in people have known was in the works since 2011, the plan to raze the gas station at 1490 Ocean Avenue and build a four-story building with 15 condos over ground-floor retail and 15 parking spaces has been making its way through Planning.

This afternoon, the project is up for approval by the Planning Commission to proceed.

The project includes nine three-bedroom units and six two-bedrooms.

From the Planning Department which recomends the project be approved:

The project is desirable for, and compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. The additional building height is appropriate for a corner location and the building’s neo-traditional style is consistent with the neighborhood which is defined by buildings from the 1920s and ‘30s. The project site is much larger than the average lot within the District but it is located on a prominent corner site where a larger development is more appropriate to add emphasis and frame the intersection. The façade of the project will contribute to the positive visual quality of the district, which does not possess a prevailing architectural style.

As always, we’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Willow

    There are some ugly buildings along Ocean Ave and this proposed one is no exception.
    With close proximity to BART I suspect the area around Ocean Ave is going to continue the southern genetrification in the city. If you are a buyer being priced out of Noe, Glen Park and Bernal I’d definitely consider getting into this location.

  2. Posted by Mark

    Yep, another ugly addition to the city. However, at least it’s catering to families with 2 and 3 BD units.
    A great example of infill is the building that houses the Trader Joe’s on University Ave. in Berkeley. Overall great look and ties in with period buildings in the area.

  3. Posted by johnr

    Unfortunately, this does fit in with what is in the neighborhood, at least right on Ocean Avenue -unremarkable stucco construction from the 80’s, the last time gentrification visited this neighborhood.

  4. Posted by Snark17

    A grim building for sure. I guess it’s too much to ask that anything high quality or architecturally interesting ever gets built in this part of town.

  5. Posted by wc1

    I’m usually annoyed when people post how they hate a design – usually subjective. But in this case – yikes – that’s so dated. It will look 30 years old when they finish with it.
    Off topic – whats going on with the Target on Geary and Masonic, is it happening? I haven’t been near there in ages and haven’t heard anything else about it.

  6. Posted by Joel

    @wc1 – No idea (I was wondering as well). There have been murmurs about opening a Target at Stonestown (and my friend who is a manager there has confirmed this).

  7. Posted by Rob

    For those of you that don’t know how to appropriately use the term:

  8. Posted by asiagoSF

    looks very Santana Row to me

  9. Posted by Rillion

    wc1 – re: Target @ geary/masonic
    Construction is underway. They’ve repainted most of the facade, the Office Depot that was there is gone and the interior has been pretty much gutted(Target is taking over that space as well). Forget when the target opening date is but for some reason October of this year is what I remember.
    [Editor’s Note: City Center CityTarget Officially Slated For October 2013 Opening.]

  10. Posted by mm

    @Joel – I wish it’s true that Target is coming to Stonestown, but isn’t the site currently under construction for an LA Fitness?

  11. Posted by wc1

    Thanks for the Target update. If there was any property in the city that needed redevelopment, it was that one.

  12. Posted by Joel

    @mm – I’m not sure. This earlier article refers to LA Fitness moving into that same location (The former CompUSA location.) My guess is that Stonestown still has plans to build housing on their acres of parking lots, and wants to bring in tenants that are capable of sustaining a residential population.

  13. Posted by BobN

    I’m certain I’ve seen this building down in Burlingame.

  14. Posted by ledouche

    This whole area of the city is changing quickly. I heard someone even refer to it as the “New Bernal.” Sigh.

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