1245 South Van Ness: Existing

On the agenda for San Francisco’s Planning Commission this week, the division and conversion of the former Delano’s Market at 1245 South Van Ness into a Fresh & Easy.


The Project will divide the existing grocery store of approximately 21,452 square‐feet into a new 16,241 square-foot grocery store (Fresh and Easy, the formula retail use) and a 5,211 square-foot commercial retail space (tenant t.b.d.).

The Project will also result in the removal of approximately 16 off-street parking spaces and will reconfigure the accessory parking lot to provide 49 off‐street parking spaces, additional landscaping and bicycle parking.


As proposed, bicycle parking for thirty (30) will be provided versus the six required; the existing mural created by Precita Eyes and the children of Cesar Chavez School will be moved south; and sidewalk seating (or a parklet) would be added along South Van Ness.

25 thoughts on “Fresh & Easy At 1245 South Van Ness Set For Approval This Week”
  1. Fantastic news! Thanks for the update, SS. This looks like a good plan with the additional tenant, redesigned parking lot and attempt to “freshen up” the pedestrian use of South Van Ness – which is now freshly repaved. Wise and Sons Jewish Deli is now right around the corner – I wonder who will fill in this extra tenant space?

  2. This seems like a common Fresh and Easy leasing strategy: take an existing modestly sized grocery store, occupy 3/4 of the space, and lease the remaining 1/4 out to another business.
    Cafe seating on the outside would work nice if the store offered a microwave oven to heat up their ready-made meals.
    How does one move a mural? Isn’t it painted directly on the wall?

  3. “How does one move a mural? Isn’t it painted directly on the wall?”
    Are you being serious? Paint over it and then paint another one around the corner.
    @ Schlub,
    gonna go try Wise and Sons today. They’re pretty well placed, so if the quality is even OK they’re probably going to do great.
    [Editor’s Note: Not quite. The panels on which the mural was painted would be moved and then touched up by Precita Eyes.]

  4. Very happy this is going forward…more good news for my hood. We’ve got excellent mexican markets for produce, but there are some things that are difficult to get locally (like decent bread and cheese, for instance). This will fill a hole, as will the impending opening of Local Mission Market on Harrison @ 23rd (construction permits are posted)….which will be a Bi-Rite-like full service market.
    Oh, and I tried out Wise Sons this weekend. Really delicious and an immediate hit.
    This section of the Mission is really exciting right now…there are positive changes every day.

  5. They do have microwaves in the store. At least in the 3 stores I have been in.
    I can not wait for Reno to get a Fresh & Easy!!!

  6. The deli on 24th and Shotwell is called Wise Sons Delicatessen. Tried to go Saturday, but the line was out the door. Settled for an outstanding croissant from Knead Patisserie.
    Looking forward to Local Mission Market and Local’s Corner!

  7. Very happy this is coming in. And providing outdoor seating/parklet let will be great as well. This whole place was homeless-land before. Hope they also get rid of that huge recycle metal container in the parking lot….having the shopping cart crowd line up to get cash for their recyclables while I’m trying to enjoy my latte is dé classé. Put that shit in front of SFTU or city hall.
    Went to wise sons this weekend. Nice jewish hipsters. Food quality is quite good. But, portions are on the small side and prices on the high. Not a great value proposition, but a bona fide hipsters joint! Across the street, up a bit, is georges BBQ- old George got pastrami, got brisket too! sandos 1/2 price, portions (literally) x2. But george definitely ain’t a hipster. Hell, visit both, and enjoy the cultural gulf between the two. Gotta love the mish!

  8. Any idea how long after approval (if it happens this week), would it take before it opened? I assume that build-up would be minimal, with the exception of the split for the outside tenant.

  9. Wise Sons is good. Lots of house made stuff
    they seem to have found a good balance of doing traditional Ashkenazi food while still being clearly an SF restaurant with those values as well.
    But take it with a grain of salt as I am a shagetz from SF

  10. Wise Sons is definitely a big change for this neighborhood. It’s probably the most Valencia-y place on 24th outside of maybe Local Mission Eatery and Haus. I’m curious what 24th between Alabama and Capp will look like a couple years. I’m betting it’ll be pretty different.

  11. @Milkshake
    Murals can be moved, especially if the designer had that in mind when the mural was created. Many modern public art contracts require that the muralist design the mural so that it can moved easily.

  12. Re: Old Mission Neighbor: 24th below Mission is definitely turning into the new old Valencia (as in 15 years ago). It’s generally in the first generation of gentrification….note two new used bookstores in the past year or so (one relocated from Valencia); a whole bunch of original & vintage clothing stores; A handful of gallery-type spaces with sporadic opening hours, cafes on every block, and the budding Mission:Local empire. And still lots of vacant spaces, so existing Mom and Pops aren’t getting pushed out (yet) and rents are probably still cheap.
    I personally don’t think it will ever go so far a Valencia, but things are getting more interesting by the day. If anything, the lack of parking is going to be a constraint on it becoming a destination like Valencia….even though parking is a killer along Valencia, alot of restaurants have valet options and there are also some public garages. Lower 24th doesn’t really have much option for ofstreet parking, and on-street is pretty full. For that reason I think we’ll stay more local than Valencia, and that’s fine with me.

  13. There is a large parking lot at 24th and Utah, that serves SFGH on weekdays, but is mostly empty the rest of the time. If there were demand, the 24th Street side, now closed after 8pm could stay open longer so customers or valet parkers wouldn’t have to walk to the 23rd St entrance.
    For now, on-street parking is much easier than Valencia.

  14. Good point Dan….my mind wasn’t crossing Potrero. If we ever get to valet that’s one possibility, the only other sizeable parking lot is at the catholic church on Alabama/24th. But the neighborhood isn’t there yet.
    Meantime there are more and more cyclists, and I’m happy to see plenty of Bike Parking planned for Fresh and Easy. I expect we’ll see some in-street bike parking along the 24th Street corridor before too long.

  15. Would love to see some bike lanes on 24th too, but i just don’t think there’s the space. no big deal i guess, but it would have been nice.

  16. @Old Mission Neighbor: for “valencia street” restaurants on 24th you should also check out:
    – Sugarlump
    – Sushi Bistro
    plus a couple good ones on 20th street such as
    flour and water
    cafe gratitude

  17. Local Mission Market on Harrison @ 23rd (construction permits are posted)….which will be a Bi-Rite-like full service market.
    To me, this is way better news than Fresh & Easy (though F&E is still a very welcome addition to the ‘hood).

  18. ^ did you try George’s BBQ up the street? 1/2 the price for 2x the portions…but more working class feeder than hipster haven.

  19. I have a feeling that market is going to be more like Local: Mission Rip-Off. The ‘strant is pretty expensivo. And the lunch sandows are a joke portion-wise. Got the herring sando last time, and had to strategically bit from the center and back, as two small ass herring fishies was all there were. Next time me go to those russian markets in th Richmond- now those guys know pickled herring!

  20. Local: Mission eatery is definitely not cheap. (nor is Knead, the bakery co-located with it). HOWEVER, they are both great, and I’ve never regretted spending the money. So not everyday fare for me, but I’m definitely a fan. And if you can get their fried chicken lunch on fridays (I am usually at work), try it, it is amazing and not expensive.
    I think their Locals corner will do great, because it promises to be a little more casual version of their restaurant. I’m predicting immediate hit.
    I am very excited about their Market, too, but I’m expecting that it will be pretty expensive. I’m sure that I will mix my shopping between Casa Lucas for produce, Fresh n Easy for basics and Local Mission Market for specialties (yay..all walking distance!). I’m personally not sure that the neighborhood is ready yet to support the market concept. But I’m rooting for them! Looks like they should be open BEFORE Fresh n Easy, so at least they’ll have a head start.

  21. I agree, it’ll be super cool to have all three w/in walking distance.
    Yeah I had the fried chicken Fridays, and it was quite nice. I just don’t understand those tiny ass sandwiches- they’re way too small IMO. and it’s not like I expect an el farolito size buritto! (I usually don’t finish those.)
    I mean, why can’t restaurants get their act together and have portions that make sense to most people? I bet you that an el farolito buritto is 3x to 4x the weight of a local mission sandwich. Ones too small, the other too damn big! Shees. (oh, btw, I’m a big fan of pals takeaway sandwiches; bit on the small side, but usually rich, and great, creative ingredients.)

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