2801 Folsom Street 2015

As we first reported back in 2014, plans to raze La Parrilla Grill’s two-story Mission District building on the southeast corner of Folsom and 24th Streets and build a five-story building designed by Natoma Architects, with 20 modern condos over 2,800 square feet of new ground floor commercial space, were under review by the City’s Planning Department.

And while the required environmental review for the development was withdrawn by the property owner last year, it would appear that La Parrilla Grill’s days are still numbered as the quiet marketing for the lease of “a high foot traffic corner location in the bustling 24th Street Corridor” has recently begun.

And while the generic marketing materials specifically omit an address or any images for the corner location itself, a plugged-in tipster delivers the rendering that has been prepared behind the scenes:

2801 Folsom Rendering

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Stop Driving

    Wasn’t this chain started by the winner of the first Top Chef?

  2. Posted by curmudgeon

    It’s a shame the application for rebuilding was withdrawn. That building is a piece of crap. But in any case, would be great to see another use in there. I ate at La Parilla Grill. once. Never felt very compelled to go back.

  3. Posted by SFrentier

    Good riddance. And the faster the better. Over priced formulaic food.

  4. Posted by Torger Cobus

    Remember El Pollo Loco?

    • Posted by Some Guy

      Let’s take a pause to remember Los Pollos Hermanos.

  5. Posted by Shmendrick

    Is that light brown wall outside paint-proof, or is it being provided for the local graffiti taggers?

    • Posted by Brian M

      Part of the community arts contribution, one ventures.

  6. Posted by marco

    Is that “reclaimed wood” on the facade? That’s not going to be too easy to clean the graffiti from!

  7. Posted by ian

    The original plan called for 5 stories, the image looks like 2, is this the new plan?

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