A plan to raze La Parrilla Grill’s two-story Mission District building on the southeast corner of Folsom and 24th Streets and construct a five-story building designed by Natoma Architects with 20 modern condos over 2,800 square feet of new ground floor commercial space has been submitted to Planning for review.


As proposed, a central courtyard would divide the top four floors of the building into two separate masses, but the façade along 24th Street would rise a continuous 55 feet.

A few of the Planning Department’s preliminary thoughts with respect to the project’s fit:

Although the proposed project is a significant mass increase in comparison to the surrounding buildings, the overall massing, site design, and open space on balance offers the scale and density appropriate to a block termination and nearby public transportation, including MUNI and BART.

However, to further increase its relationship to the character of the block, [the Urban Design Assistance Team] recommends removing the wall on the south side of the courtyard towards the inner portion of the block to align the courtyard and create an extension of the midblock open space.

And with respect to the building’s frontage along the street:

While UDAT appreciates the introduction of the arcade element to further define the relationship between the sidewalk and interior retail space, the arcade is out of character with its commercial context as currently designed as the heights of the openings are taller than surrounding facades, the narrow width is not useful public space, and the consistency of the column bays do not accentuate the retail or lobby entrances.

UDAT recommends changing the proportions of the ground floor expression to be more in line with the neighborhood scale in height, changing the bay depth or width or adding elements to emphasize entrances, and offering a more generous lobby space. The arcade should either be narrower to create a deep commercial façade or wider to be a functional and programmed transition to the retail and lobby.

A garage for ten cars via triple car stackers would be located along Lucky Street.


40 thoughts on “More Mass In The Mission: Designs For 20 Modern Condos On 24th”
  1. Saw this one coming from a mile away. The 2-3 block stretch around it has been changing quickly and is about to absolutely explode ala Valencia St.

  2. Whoah, welcome to my backyard. 24th and Folsom, and continuing East on 24th, is still home to fairly radical people. More so than anywhere else in the Mission, should be interesting to see what comes of this. I don’t have a problem with this, but projects like this will definitely transform 24th street into a new Valencia. Which is interesting as I believe this area of 24th has a lot of businesses that actually own their own buildings, so if the neighborhood transforms, then the owners of Mixcoatl and Galeria de la Raza will be in a pickle with who can they complain about.

  3. I like the design, but the rendering’s portrayal of the street trees is a bit hard to swallow – even the existing trees barely reach 3 stories, and they’re large compared to a lot of street trees in S.F. (i.e., they’re at the end of the bell curve and not representative).
    How do you park 10 cars with triple stackers? (Shouldn’t the # of car spaces be a multiple of 3?)
    [Editor’s Note: Three triple stackers and a single handicap accessible space.]

  4. its interesting vis what bob says as whether this stretch will become gentrification central. or any opposition to it–i.e. whether there’s any real opposition left in SF.
    older landowners (or their kids) cashing out is one interesting element–also fact that tech nerd-yups wouldn’t have considered living here a very few years back.
    its a bit different here than down the block from tartine and Do-park. someone should post link to the gang map from rebecca solnits SF book…..

  5. La Parrilla Grill (“Home of The Supreme Chicken”) hailed by The Chronicle as one of The City’s best cheep eats is being bulldozed (Gentrifried?) after more than twenty years in its location at 24th and Folsom. Making room for twenty luxury condos. All of the things that make the Mission hip are being erased by blandness.

  6. This building always made me laugh — if you look at the door on the 24th street side, it’s a “family dentist” practice — which at night is a massage pallor — always wondered how that worked!

  7. I live right near there, and this is really exciting! 24th is experiencing an amazing renaissance, and has a lot to offer, and increased density directly along 24th is very welcome, especially at a major intersection like folsom. The new condos just 1/2 a block away have done very well.
    Of course, living right across the street from philz will come with serious addiction hazards.

  8. It’s ugly, you know it, we know it. UGLY. Invasive and too tall. Why is this allowed in this neighborhood. Who needs more $5000 a month one bedrooms. Not us.

  9. Who owns the building now? I wasn’t aware that this was a hostile takeover in the name of blandness gentrification. I believe this is still a market based economy in which the current owner sells out. All the blame for what is happening should go on *them* if you had any common sense. But if the owner is Latino, we will just look the other way, and blame techies.

  10. “Why do all these new condo designs look like glorified
    low income housing or prisons? ”
    Saitowitz, frequently. Take a look at the barrack on Divisadero, for ex.
    I like the plain simplicity of the building — it doesn’t try too hard (thankfully). It will disappear into the lively streetscape of 24th.

  11. This is cool. Build it!
    Man, too bad I didn’t get into some mixed use properties on 24th st 10 years ago, when they were dirt cheap. I knew the street would get gentrified, but even I’m amazed at how fast 24th is changing. Should really piss off the housing-anti-google-activists 🙂 As such, With the rent control vs. market rate condos exposé, I expect the mission to be a sizzling place to live in over the next few years. I like it interesting!

  12. Umm, if nobody needs $5000 1BR apartments then they won’t be $5000. Get it? Funny how economics work out sometimes.
    And besides, if there’s a willing seller of sound mind, a willing buyer of sound mind, a willing builder of sound mind, and a willing tenant of sound mind, then who are you to oppose this? Your opinion doesn’t matter. Mind your own business.

  13. Many years ago someone asked me where I lived and I said ‘the Mission.’ He replied with a slight grin: “Oh, where the nice people live.” It was true… but then along came the one-two punch of the hater Chris Daly crowd and their protagonists, the lizard-like icy tuppies (techy-yuppies — ya heard it hear 1st people!). Now if find Pac heights relatively friendly and almost working class.

  14. Architecturally this is a third gen derivative of OM Ungers. Ungers was sort of compelling in his prime, but never got the traction of his then-peers like piano rogers etc. this is a weak echo of his german block-housing designs in the 1980’s. but there not much there- there on a 3rd degree of separation. it is pretty weak.

  15. I was gonna write a rebuttal of the nonsense Stucco_Sux just excreted but then I realized being a bitter envious person is punishment enough.

  16. This picture is on the wrong side. The owner is La Parilla Grill and that is the location. The project is currently on hold. He does not have the funding. Early conversations with him indicate that he will reduce to 4 stories and the design will change to better fit the area. The type of housing is up in the air and may include workforce housing. He also stated he might keep the Parilla Grill. This design is what he submitted as to see what he could build.

  17. @Louis – if you think anything even remotely current or exciting will get built in this city (from an architectural perspective), then I have a bridge I’d be interested in selling you.

  18. Please, Stop gentrification, especially when there is no respect for the residents,and the families and the seniors that have been there for decades and generations. Also not a good idea to crowd the area with more disrespectful people

  19. This would be a welcome replacement of what’s there now, which is essentially a mediocre fast food restaurant with questionable “professional” services above, housed in a pretty dang ugly building. None of which add much to the character of the area. Hopefully the developer can put together the funds and make this happen.

  20. Folks!
    This building will not be any different from most others on 24th street. Will not be any higher, for example than the one across the street (w Philz).
    2. We will make sure neighborhood stays “as is”. Will have murals, affordable units and will look great.
    3. La Parrilla is here 10 years. Before was El Pollo Supremo for 10 years. Free delivery for orders over $55. Place orders on http://www.lpgrill.com Nuestras gente habla español.
    3. This is not hostile take over like some may suggest. Affordable units being offered. LPG is not being displaced. Best Chicken in Town, by the way!
    5. Erick correct saying that we were not able to secure financing as of today. All is on hold and open for changes. Architect filed this with planning prematurely. Any news/changes, we will make sure to keep you posted here. Email will be published here for your questions in one month or more. ALL IS ON HOLD NOW!
    LPG Management

  21. You people are destroying this neighborhood and city. Who’s this brokeass millionaire ? Be better broken legs millionaire No it’s not cool and groovy. Most of you MFs wouldn’t live here if it was still mostly Latino

  22. Those complaining ugly, have you seen what’s there NOW?? It’s the building version of a primered Pinto.
    Huge improvement. Look forward to the yuppification of the Mission and the displacement of all bitter housing joketivists to Portland where they belong.

  23. Don’t worry, Sue. I’m sure you can’t fit enough “disrespectful people” into this new building to significantly hurt 24th Street’s traditional flavor of muggings, shootings, burglaries and general lawlessness.

  24. Sue, you’re the one being disrespectful. Maybe if you changed your attitude people might acutally want to talk with you.

  25. @NativeNica Seems like you’re part of the old guard who let the Mission decay. Beautiful houses rotting away, rampant gang activity unchecked. Time for the restoration.

  26. Hey Sue,
    Unless you’re living with the Ohlone, you displaced someone before you – so please do everyone a favor and get a grip.

  27. Looks like a nice welcome change and will help clean up the neighborhood for families and people afraid to visit local businesses at night. Very good for the area

  28. “Don’t worry, Sue. I’m sure you can’t fit enough “disrespectful people” into this new building to significantly hurt 24th Street’s traditional flavor of muggings, shootings, burglaries and general lawlessness.”
    Three weeks ago I stopped on 24th with my visiting cousin for a late night bite and was informed by thugs we would have to pay them to leave the place safely.(!) Three guys conveniently lurked about half block from the place while I had time for the cops to come. Welcome to lookaway SF. Yes, I’ll take the disrespectful newcomers anytime.

  29. Oh, this is going to be fun:
    Sue- congrats on writing perhaps the most annoying, presumptions and whinny comments I have read here in a long-long time.
    “Native”nica- yo girlfriend…A- I’ve been livin’ in the area for over 20years. B- unlike some, I’m open minded to new people moving in. C- poor and/or Latinos don’t “own” the mission. That attitude is ridiculous and exclusionary. D- there is rent control, so there are plenty of long time residents here. So lighten up, and embrace the change. I got a google bus to catch (not really, I just rent apartments to them 🙂

  30. @poor.ass.millionaire
    You should rent an apartment to me and my girlfriend, our current digs on 24th street are getting pretty stale, also the landlord has recently lost his mind due to losing his job and taking up drinking. Of course, the socketsite, and not market, rate should apply…

  31. Looks great. But please no more cheesy Aztec murals like the one on that newish building on Chavez. This is not art.

  32. Dear NativeNica @7:50AM,
    Advocating breaking the legs of “poor.ass.millionaire” and calling every new person moving into the neighborhood a MF’er is not getting you any benefit or compassion from moderates in the City.
    The owner of La Parrilla Grill owns his building and worked hard over the years. Per his comments above, it now appears he wants to sell his building, most likely to fund his retirement.
    It is going to be fun watching the free market squash you and your ilk like a little bug.

  33. for those of us living directly behind on lucky alley and treat ave, within sight of la parilla’s building, a 5-story building in the area is a huge deal and will take away airflow, light, and any hint of a view of the sky.

  34. e.p. talk about hyperbole. A five-story building on the north end of an alley lined by three- and four-story buildings will not cast a significant shadow on Lucky Alley and will have absolutely no impact on Treat Alley. If you are so concerned, you do have the option of purchasing the building and keeping the status quo.

  35. The proposed building is within existing zoning and is perfectly legal. For people who want bucolic sunshine filled apartments, San Francisco is not your place. 99% of the country will cater to your needs.

  36. Wouldnt it be amazing if people who claimed that an additional ten feet would negatively affect their light, or airflow were required to scientifically prove it?
    Developers spend millions on people who analyze shadow and wind, and all a neighbor has to do is give an emotional statement to carry the same weight.

  37. No need to ask for any “proof” because it does not matter. It has been the law in California for very long time that there is no right of access to air, light, or a view over adjoining property. There are very narrow exceptions, such as to be free of a neighbor’s tree blocking sunlight form a solar panel, but that’s it. Basically, e.p. can has no rights in this regard except the right to complain.

  38. Hey “NativeNica”, I know where you can feel safe from gentrification and any kind of positive development and rest assured you’ll be living in a rundown cess pool in perpetuity. I think you might know the place too: Managua.

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