With San Francisco’s Planning Commission having rejected Starbucks’ bid to take over the one-story retail space at 2201 Market Street last year, the owner of the property has drafted a new plan for the parcel at the corner of Sanchez, with designs for a six-story building with nine condos over ground-floor commercial space to rise.

As drafted, the existing 3,800 square foot building on the triangular parcel would be razed to make way for a 63.5-foot tall building which would nearly cover the entire lot. The first floor of the building would include 2,500 square feet of commercial space with nine condos (four one-bedrooms, four two-bedrooms, and one three) across floors two through six.

A 700 square foot roof deck for residents would rest atop the building while parking for seven cars and ten bikes would be built underground.

26 thoughts on “Plans For Condos On Castro Corner Where Starbucks Was Spurned”
  1. A great idea. These angled corners in the Castro (38 Dolores an example) are filling up with 4-story apartment/condo buildings as a result of the Market/Octavia plan, and I really like the result. Filling in the neighborhood with some density instead of gas stations and empty lots.

  2. That’s the best plan for that corner. That building needs to go before it falls down on someone.
    I wonder if the new tenant (a real estate company) is aware of these plans.

    It has parking because it was a home and car audio dealer for a long time. They needed the parking for their customers.

  4. Why on earth would anyone drink Starbucks?
    Philz Coffee is much better, but that again McDonalds Coffee is better than Starbucks.

  5. ^^^ maybe because they don’t have 20 minutes to wait for Philz to brew your cup, nor a desire to wade through the sea of superiority that emanates from the counter staff. Go in and ask for a mere “cup of coffee to go” and you might have well have said you want to lick dog poo off your sneaker, for all the condescending looks you get.

  6. Nice, good use of the space. Slowly the density will creep higher and comments of buildings being out of character with neighborhoods will have to readjust to the new neighborhood density reality.

  7. ^ What SierraJeff said ^
    I am an espresso aficionado. The first (and last time) I walked into a Philz I was lectured as to why they didn’t serve espresso. I tried their drip coffee. Extremely blah. Not impressed. Frenchmen know their coffee, and none that I know would fall into the Philz sucker trap.

  8. Phil is trendy , not good. I’m not a Starbucks drinker, but would take Starbucks espresso or americano over Phil’s coffe any day

  9. Why on earth would anyone feel it’s ok and even relevant to care if someone enjoys Starbucks or not?
    If you were being sarcastic, I’ll let it go. Otherwise, why is it your business? It’s not. The all too familiar rant of many San Franciscan, but not all, as to what is BEST for others is tired and boring.
    As for the project: great use for that corner. I hope we see all these interesting triangular corners developed with housing and retail.

  10. Now back to the building…
    I’m happy to see these surburban corners along Market St. get a new lease on life. Any idea what’s happening to the corner lot across from Chase? Speaking of Chase…someone please build something more appropriate for that space.

  11. You cheap skate renters probably are going to McDonalds for the free coffee.
    Shut up and pay the rent tomorrow!

  12. @Mark: 89 rental units + retail already in the works for the site across from Chase, alongside the Swedish American Hall.

  13. I think that’s good news for the neighborhood, it’s an underdeveloped parcel and an eyesore building. They’ve recently leased the space to a real estate office which is not legal (can’t have office space on the ground floor without conditional use authorization) so I guess now we know that’s temporary by design.
    Let’s hope when it all gets finished they don’t try to put a Starbucks in the ground-floor retail space. 😉

  14. Good! I agree with others. Time for this eye-sore to go. I’m not sure such a little spot needs ground floor retail, though. Many of the new developments (and old!) have vacant retail space. I’m not sure there’s a demand for infinite retail. Couldn’t a building this small just have a nice, airy lobby facing the street?

  15. Mark V. – I agree with you on the retail space in every new building. Enough is enough. The building proposal at 2201 Market lists 3100 sq. ft. retail. That’s a fairly large space unless it will be sub-dividable. Starbucks was nixed because it was formula retail. Do we really think we can get all this new retail space filled by small businesses?

  16. No, Market Street should require ground level retail, for an active pedestrian experience. Local businesses will take the spaces at the right rent.

  17. Why only 6 stories? I saw one underway a few blocks down for 20+ SF is missing the boat…. who cares that all those hipsters are going to have cars; heck, some of them might be electric. And who cares that muni sucks; we all knew that going in, or very shortly after moving here. And whose waiting for Musk’s compression tube; we’ll all be underwater from sea rise before that project is realized. So there, buy on the upper floors!

  18. this just adds to the over 200 new units suddenly appearing on that corner over the next 2 years. That’s a lot of people! where will they all eat, drink, and park? I live right there and while no fan of the empty lots and beaten down buildings, i am also no fan of overcrowding the area. this is a good plan for this spot, i dislike the 89 units or the whateve the other site where i can no longer buy gas is. thanks for that.
    also, let the market decide if there should be a Starbucks, not people who just don’t like it.

  19. What about the gas stations at Castro and Market? Are there going to be any developments there? I hate having two on each corner like that.

  20. A project was entitled a couple of years ago for the property on the northwest corner of Castro and Market (site of the “RC” gas station) but now the property is apparently tied up in litigation—essentially an ownership dispute—and so we may be stuck with the RC station and its collection of illegal and unpermitted side businesses for the foreseeable future.
    As for the Chevron station, while there are certainly those who would like to see that site redeveloped, it is going to be the only remaining gas station in the neighborhood and I would be shocked to see it close its doors. Have you seen what they charge for gas? They are cleaning up, and they’ll make even more money when the RC station closes. I’ll bet that station will be there until we run out of oil.

  21. They need retail in the bottom floor because no one wants to live on the bottom floor and hear puking or get puked on in the bedroom window when all the bridge and tunnel crowd starts going home drunk from the castro at 1 am m2c

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