As we first reported earlier this week, with Starbucks’ bid to occupy the existing retail space on the southwest corner of Market and Sanchez having been rejected last year, new plans for a six-story building with nine condos over a ground floor commercial space to rise on the 2201 Market Street parcel have been submitted to planning for review.


The concept design for the building by Edmonds + Lee Architects includes a roof deck atop, an underground garage which would be accessed by way of an elevator along Sanchez Street, and 2,500 square feet of commercial space on the corner.


33 thoughts on “The Concept Design For Six Stories At Market And Sanchez”
  1. I like it better than all these faux bay window things going up. They just need to develope it a little more. I like the massing!

  2. Comments about glass boxes are boring.
    It’s not a box. It looks good. Much better than what is there now.

  3. If this anything like Linea turned out to be, I’ll be disappointed. It really looks much worse and blobby than the renderings suggested.

  4. The comment about accessing the parking garage by elevator makes (expensive) sense.
    I have designed buildings on these flat iron lots and they always look bigger than they really are, and anything that is square or rectangular in outline (like a parking space) takes a lot of the space and leaves wasted pie shaped spaces.

  5. Nice design for a relatively compact corner. Would prefer to see 2-3 smaller storefronts on the ground level though.

  6. concur with the boring comment. another souless design that takes away from the character of the neighborhood, and SF. sigh.

  7. I usually don’t mind a lot of the new construction, even if it is a bit “boring” but all these glassy condo buildings are looking like office buildings to me… not into it.

  8. Yes, the current building really stays true to the character of the Castro. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the derelict shops and parking lots.

  9. huh. i guess if a current building is ugly, you can’t critique the new one that’s going to replace it..

  10. I have no issues with this , its a tight spot , and its been a dead area for decades , nice to see it getting a long long over due update !

  11. The previous article said they wanted 7 parking spaces. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but code allows .5:1, they will get 4 or 5, not 7.
    The design is okay but I agree, it will probably be disappointing in real life. Renderings always look better than reality.

  12. Good project. Bettering the neighborhood one corner at a time.
    Great location and I suspect these will sell quickly.

  13. @Stucco_Sux Oh good. But what the Castro really needs is another coffee shop.
    While I’m complaining about neighborhood retail, the one that really annoys me is the check cashing place at 16th and Market. What a useless, usurious waste of space.

  14. More Glass Boxes, More million dollar pads, and what happened to open competitions for designs, and getting alternatives to the same old formula.
    real estate agents keep up-ticking prices, and more glass boxes get built.
    cannot wait for the earthquake

  15. Good point re: the utility poles, LOL. Ridiculous that there are overhead wires like this along Market – like it’s some tertiary street in a fading Rust Belt city. These lines should all be buried!

  16. Thank goodness, this corner has been an embarrassment for far too long.
    All the design-haters need to recognize that new buildings look similar because of all the B.S. laws and policies in this city. Developers have clearly found a formula that can pass approvals with a limited amount of fuss, so why would they subject themselves to years of delays and pedantic battles with NIMBYs? Just to avoid comments on forums about “boring glass boxes” replacing rundown buildings? I think not.

  17. Cool design – hopefully the architect’s detailing skills will be much more akin to Saitowitz rather than the detailing disaster that is Arquitectonica’s Linea building.
    In other words – avoid spandrel panels, use clear glass and expose the concrete structural frame. Planning should have the right to insist that something that is built actually be detailed in the manner in which it was rendered.
    Incidentally- the glass fins are now going up on 8 Octavia and they look great!

  18. Actually, I would like to see the Planning Dept. and Commission have LESS say in design and detailing of a building. Their jobs should be primarily about form, massing, context, setbacks, heights,etc.
    One may not like the detailing or design of a particular architect, and the next person would. So, Planning cannot really be the arbiter of taste or style. We have talented architects and we have bad architects.
    For everyone who loves Linea, there are plenty who don’t. Same goes for the work of Saitowitz.
    The Planning Dept. will not change that. They will only muddle the design.

  19. I wholeheartedly agree with Futurist’s view that Planning should have less input over design and detailing decisions. However they do have a responsibility to require that drawings which are submitted to them be a reasonably accurate representation of the materials and details of the building as it is intended to be built rather than an idealized conception of what could be built. I use the Linea as an example because it is a particularly egregious case of eyewash – drawings showing a lightweight, diaphanous facade and a built structure which is anything but.
    The Edmonds + Lee project will be extremely difficult to detail.

  20. Another opportunity to see the backside of some really bad window treatments! Just don’t get the floor-to-ceiling window craze. Unattractive from the outside and less flexibility when decorating inside (namely furniture placement). And you feel like you’re in a fishbowl.

  21. How hard would it be to bury the utility lines while they are digging up the street for sewer, water, and gas? This should be a requirement for new construction.

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