The Market on Main Rendering

A year ago Tishman Speyer announced that it had inked an agreement with The Market company, the group behind the 22,000-square-foot market at the base of the Twitter building, to open a 9,500-square-foot gourmet grocery and dining emporium dubbed “The Market on Main” at the base of LUMINA‘s Plaza A, at the corner of Folsom and Main.

While The Market has since quietly bailed on its LUMINA lease, Tishman has just secured a new grocer to fill the Folsom Street space.  And the Marin-based Woodlands Market will provide “organic, natural and sustainable products from local suppliers,” along with “prepared foods, fresh cut flowers, a coffee bar, fresh in-house juices and fresh bread,” seven days a week.

201 Folsom Street Woodlands Market

No official word on the market’s opening date or the outlook for The Market on Polk.

29 thoughts on “The Market Bails on Lumina Lease but Replacement Grocer Named”
  1. I wish they would open a Trader Joes in this developing hood. Once transbay area gets built out I would think you could support hi end markets and a “lowly” trader joes for us peasants??

    1. Or a Whole Foods instead, just like the very cool, classy one at Dolores and Market. Love that place, especially being able to pull in to a covered and secure parking space.

      1. “…especially being able to pull in to a covered and secure parking space.”

        I’m sure you do. Thanks for adding to the carbon emissions problem by driving from your NV home to Dolores/Market. For someone who prides himself on Living La Vida Noe, you should be ashamed of yourself for cheating on the WF in your hood. I guess it’s just not classy enough.

    1. Versus half that price for garbage tomatoes from Safeway. It’s all subjective. I don’t mind paying a premium for quality, but I won’t for something that’s marketed as trendy. There’s a big difference.

      As for TJs…they have a weird onsite parking demand. That’s one of the reasons you have a CVS instead of a TJs at the former Tower Records in the Castro. Also, you’d think such an environmentally-progressive city such as SF would ban TJ’s egregious use of packaging.

      1. No No No….the BOS should not spend ONE SECOND focused on “TJ’s egregious use of packaging”. The BOS should stay focused on the issues most important to the health of this city – addressing homelessness, housing policies that support a diverse vibrant city, infrastructure, mass transit, etc. They should not get sidetracked like 2 year olds on such things as “egregious use of packaging”. We are our own worse enemies. Stay focused for crying out loud.

        1. Geez, calm down already and put down the pitchfork. I love how you completely over-exaggerated my comment. First of all, I said nothing about the BOS. Second, the BOS can’t tie its shoes much less work on improving city infrastructure so I wouldn’t even think of bringing up any topic to that group. Third, chill out. It was only a passing comment not a rally cry for social upheaval.

  2. Welcome Woodlands! I am looking forward to their move into SF with their awesome selection of produce and prepared foods!

  3. I am excited to see this grocery store come in but to me it seems like a big slap in the face to the affordable housing community since it appears that only the 1% will be able to afford regularly shopping there.

    1. This isn’t NYC where there’s a grocery store (big or small) on nearly every block catering to a variety of economic classes. This is SOMA in SF where you have to walk, drive, bike or take public transit to get to a grocery store that doesn’t close by 6pm. Yes, even the 1% in the area who live in these market rate condos will have to schlep to this location to get their fix of prepared foods or $7.5/lb organic, sustainable, free trade tomatoes grown and transported in a carbon-free footprint. The 99% percent who managed to secure a BMR in this area will have to shop at Safeway at 3rd/King or the Gateway Commons.

    2. How is it a slap in the face to the affordable housing community when their housing costs are subsidized in a very expensive area? It won’t pencil out financially for a grocer if they weren’t a high end establishment because of high cost of rent, labor and taxes.

        1. Once most groceries are delivered by task rabbit peons paid piecework (“sharing economy” ROFLOL) barely scraping by from a warehouse in Fremont, even the high end ones will largely disappear.

  4. Looking forward to homeless people camping out by the entrance asking for change and shopping carts sitting on the sidewalk. This will be another Beacon…

      1. More like adult “changing tables.” The homeless problem will never go away when the city does everything in its power to support it.

        1. So what is your Final Solution, Mark? Maybe another use for “rail cars” taking them to the Processing Facility in Daly City?

          1. Final Solution? Are you for real? You are in need of some serious help if that’s your response to my general comment about SF homeless.

          2. In civilized times not too long ago, vagrancy was a crime that people were arrested for.

        2. I don’t have the link, but I read something recently that a healthy chunk of the homeless don’t trust city services. I think it was in conjunction with the removal of the homeless from the SB encampment, some of them refused to leave and feel they are better off living under an overpass than accepting city services.

    1. “In civilized times not too long ago, vagrancy was a crime that people were arrested for.”

      And in a less civilized time we had debtor’s prison. Thanks for posting Justin Keller.

  5. Woodlands is very high end – imagine Whole Foods on steroids. Drive over to Tiburon and visit the store.

    1. I was at the Woodlands in Kentfield today. Their prepared foods could do well here. Otherwise, you can find similar products (except meat and seafood) at Rainbow for enough less to pay for Instacart. I wonder if they vary their mix by locale. Could be hard to compete with WF, Rainbow, Safeway, plus delivery.

      Back in the mid-1990s, IIRC, the Warriors considered building a new arena on this block. Oh well.

  6. Woodlands Market is the most laughably overpriced grocery store around. Check out one of their markets in Marin and you’ll be horrified.

  7. The Market store in the twitter building in very underwhelming.

    Its staff is below par for that pricing tier and merchandise is largely ordinary.

    so its no big loss for Lumina.

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