The Market on Main Rendering

Tishman Speyer has inked an agreement with The Market company, the group behind the 22,000-square-foot market opening at the base of the Twitter building in two weeks, to open a 9,500-square-foot gourmet grocery and dining emporium in the base of LUMINA‘s Main Street Plaza A, the building rising at the corner of Folsom and Main.

The Market on Main “will combine the bounty of local food markets with full restaurant service,” with prepared foods for takeout and groceries “from local growers, shops and artisans.”

The 656-unit LUMINA and its retail spaces will be ready for occupancy next year.

8 thoughts on “Gourmet Grocery And Food Emporium Coming To Folsom And Main”
    1. There are two Safeways not very far away, one just over half a mile at Jackson Square, the other just over a mile away. The Whole Foods is four (long) blocks away. I doubt either chain will be adding another store around there.

  1. we need to ban the use of “artisan”.
    incorrectly used cliche words aside, this proposal looks great! we need lots of grocery stores in this part of town.

  2. I just saw a stunning building called Market Hall in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It has 96 food and flower vendors in its core while surrounding structure houses restaurants and shops in its base. In the floors above are 228 apartments, most of which feature kitchens and dining rooms which overlook the stalls. Dutch Design firm, MVRDV. See name link

    1. This is what Transbay should have looked like. Can you imagine how it would have transformed the downtown core into a livable, sustainable neighborhood.

      1. Lots of shoulds but the Dutch people will always have an eye for design and detail. Because Amsterdam is such an expensive and small space, Dutch architects have figured out how to build nice houses on the canal, multi-story homes where the living room sits half-submerged under water and the top windows allows you see watch the occasional swan swim by. Simply amazing. And the engineers in SF still have to figure out how to properly waterproof a sub-sidewalk. Rotterdam will be a nice place to visit and admire the sights. Just like Antwerp is a nice alternative to the hustle that is Brussels.

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