201 Folsom Street Woodlands Market

The shelves are stocked. And according to the owner, by way of a plugged-in tipster, the highly anticipated grocery to open in Lumina’s 9,500-square-foot market space at the corner of Folsom and (318) Main is expected to open next week.

Once again, the new Woodlands Market will provide “organic, natural and sustainable products from local suppliers,” along with prepared foods (including fresh sushi from Kikka), fresh cut flowers, a coffee bar, in-house juices and fresh bread, seven days a week.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Oaklandlover

    Nice to see this finally opening. It’ll bring some needed commercial life to Folsom along there….. so far other than the Philz coffee the other spaces across the street in that other new building remain vacant and for rent.

    I would argue south of Folsom falls more into rincon hill, north is tranbay.

    • Posted by Orland

      And, to the west (uphill) is East Cut.

      • Posted by another anon

        East Cut is the worst name. Sounds like a butcher shop. The old name was perfectly fine.

        • Posted by matteo

          a couple pounds of the east cut and trim the fat. I will always call it Rincon Hill….

        • Posted by James

          Not only is a stupid name, they (the rincon hill community development group) spent something like 65K to get it renamed.

        • Posted by eva

          I agree – East Cut sounds awful. Who agreed to it?

      • Posted by stevenj

        Is there something wrong with the name Rincon Hill? Even though a lot of the hill was removed or paved over it is still a hill. The Bernal Cut is an actual cut. Where is the cut for East?

        • Posted by Jim Reich

          2nd Street was called “The Cut” — there used to be a big hill to climb and bulldozing it totally change SoMa. Market was “The Slot” for the streetcars, so in old timey nomenclature, Rincon Hill would be “South of the Slot, east of the Cut.”

          But I don’t love the name either.

        • Posted by Notcom

          It even has it’s own web site so just a matter of time before the Supremes declare it has all the rights and responsibilities of a real neighborhood.

  2. Posted by Amewsed

    Hope it does well. I was surprised that Bristol Farms down in the basement level of the Westfield Shopping Center closed given the number of office and residential high-rises nearby on Market and Mission St.

    • Posted by BobN

      It was always so busy. Odd.

  3. Posted by wentworth

    Great use of retail space, though it would probably be cheaper to eat out every meal vs your grocery bill at a place like this.

    • Posted by OtherDan

      . . . if you’re going to restaurants in Stockton.

      • Posted by Ghostwriter1

        @OtherDan Have you ever been to Woodlands before? $$$

        • Posted by OtherDan

          Have you been to an SF restaurant before? $$$ x 2

          • Posted by ghostwriter

            @OtherDan you have no idea what your talking about.

  4. Posted by oh my

    Nice, shiny and clean. Yes i will check it out in three months…see if it is still shiny and clean.

  5. Posted by arogerr

    How will the affordable housing units in the area afford this?

    • Posted by OtherDan

      I imagine the poors will muddle through. Your concern is touching, though.

    • Posted by SFRealist

      What do they eat now? Today there are zero grocery stores in the vicinity.

      • Posted by OtherDan

        I think the poors eat food, just like their wealthier neighbors.

      • Posted by Some Guy

        Cake, d’etre sure..

        • Posted by curmudgeon

          WholeFood at 4th and Harrison is not far. No, it’s not cheap, but probably cheaper than this, and if you are determined (buying store brand, etc) WholeFoods isn’t a disaster. And there is Safeway at 4th and Townsend. Access to affordable food is MUCH better here than, for instance, in all of Bayview/Hunters Point which has precisely one grocery (Duc Loi).

          • Posted by Mark

            Yet homes are topping $1M in the Bayview/HP with few, if any, amenities close by. Whatever.

            Why not put a Woodlands in the HV site as well? Is it a chain?

            As for organic, natural and sustainable product offerings, Wal-Mart offers these too so that’s hardly unique. Regardless, high end or not, this area needs more non-weekday retail.

  6. Posted by GGG

    Gabby Café, Bayside Market, and that Rincon Center store exist. And also there’s Safeways at 4th & King, The Gateway, and Potrero Center. There’s Trader Joes at 4th& Market and Costco at 10th & Market. Target Colma is a short 17 minute drive and Target Emeryville is even less if there’s no traffic. We make do.

    • Posted by Mark

      City Target in the Metreon as well. You can buy food there.

  7. Posted by NancyD

    We go to Safeway, Rincon Market and Trader Joe’s

  8. Posted by primeminister

    Not to mention Instacart, Goodeggs, Amazon Fresh, Googleexpress…

  9. Posted by Spartaco

    and RN Gov…

  10. Posted by Ima Dumas

    i give it 24 months before they figure out theres not enough foot traffic.

    you will be able to tell if they are doing well by the amount of baked products the Manager puts out in the morning.

    • Posted by Elitist Pig

      One block away is plenty of foot traffic, and the area is surrounded by offices. Anyone working south of Folsom within a few block of the Embarcadero knows there aren’t many options for lunch that don’t involve walking past Howard.

      • Posted by BTinSF

        I don’t see an ultra-high end grocery store contributing much to the office lunch scene. Howard is a one-block walk. Plenty of stuff there from Subway to the likes of Town Hall.

        • Posted by Dr. House

          Au contraire, high end grocery stores make a killing on prepared food for office workers. The WF on 4th is always packed with people from all around who come for their like $16 a pound or whatever hot food and salad bars. I can only assume that Woodland is smart enough to also have a deli and/or food bars like that, and that it’ll drive a lot of midday traffic in.

    • Posted by James

      There are ALOT of people down there now. I can’t wait (I live across the street). Yes, it’ll be pricey but I’ll pay a bit more for convenience.

  11. Posted by Tahoe Kid

    The original Woodlands Market is in Kentfield. Not a chain, but expanding. (Don’t say the “C” word in SF). And yes, it’s high quality and expensive.

  12. Posted by Jamie

    Sandwiches, pizza, breakfasts, and other ready to eat options will be welcomed by office workers and residents. Related, excited to see the alleyway between Lumina and the MTC HQ open up not too long from now … probably see Woodlands foods eaten there along with burritos from the also new taqueria at 201 Harrison.

  13. Posted by fogmachine

    Taqueria at 201 Harrison? Finally. Needed something to replace the great Los Hermanos truck taken out by the construction of the Jeanne Gang building.

  14. Posted by steveC

    Welcome Woodlands!
    How do we start an effective effort to dump East Cut? What a ridiculous name…

  15. Posted by Pablito

    Bristol Farms could not make it in the basement of Westfield Mall – even with all the tourists. Not seeing a high priced grocery succeeding here.

  16. Posted by anon2.5

    I think it will make it if they add food stalls. I think 101 Spear St food court restaurants may have a harder time though.

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