1515 South Van Ness Site

While the development team is still working with the Planning to finalize the design, the Planning Commission hearing for Lennar Urban’s proposed 157-unit building to rise up to six stories in height at 1515 South Van Ness Avenue, replacing the McMillan Electric building on the Mission District site, has been scheduled for April 21.

1515 South Van Ness Rendering 2016

As designed by BDE Architecture, the proposed development will rise to a height of 65-feet along South Van Ness, stepping down to five stories and 55-feet in height at the corner of 26th and Shotwell.

1515 South Van Ness Rendering 2016 - Shotwell

In addition to a corner 1,100 square foot retail space at Van Ness, the latest plans include six small “trade shop” spaces along 26th Street (and an underground garage for 81 cars and 150 bikes).

1515 South Van Ness Rendering: Trade Shop Spaces

And if approved, the development will take roughly two years to build and 12 percent of the 157 apartments will be offered at below market rates.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by van nessident

    Isn’t this next door to the BMR proposal on Shotwell? Maybe this would pressure Campos into making that a priority.

  2. Posted by MTKO

    great project!!

  3. Posted by gone on

    All of these residential buildings. SF is really looking like it is going to be, and wants to be a suburban city. Goodbye grit, goodbye character, goodbye unique vistas. so glad I have,,,

    • Posted by frog

      They are increasing the density – much much higher than suburbia. As for the grit, it looks good in movies, but in real life it means people getting hurt or killed or living in poverty. And this part of the city still has multiple robberies and stabbings per week.

      Click on my name for a listing of this weekend’s assaults.

    • Posted by Orland

      I too am glad you’re no longer here to have a say in directing the course of this city.

    • Posted by Sierrajeff

      How is 5-story built-to-sidewalk more “suburban” than single-story warehouse industrial?

    • Posted by Elitist Pig

      Grit? Really? You want people to design gritty streets?

    • Posted by AnonAnon

      San Francisco already is a suburban city, that’s part of its appeal. House with a garage and backyard but with urban amenities. Only a small portion of San Francisco would be considered could really be considered urban.

  4. Posted by moto mayhem

    great looking project

  5. Posted by SFrentier

    What ever happened to Apple to Apple sales of sfh’s and condos? Those were fun!

    There are way too many boring posts on new construction projects. Yawn.

  6. Posted by JayJay

    Looks like it belongs in Mission Bay instead.

  7. Posted by Jon @ SFBARF

    Isn’t this going to run headlong into Calle24 and MAP2020 and the Mission interim controls? I like it, but I can’t imagine this happening without extreme resistance.

    • Posted by MossyBuddha

      it will. it will also undergo refinements and improvements to get through the thicket.

  8. Posted by HousingWonk

    Looks fine. Get it built. Now.

  9. Posted by stvr

    More retail. More height. Please.

  10. Posted by EU

    SF is looking more like Emeryville/Mission Bay! Cheap look!

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