953 Treat Parcel

The modern concept design for the Mission District parcel at 953 Treat Avenue has been kicked to curb, but Winder Gibson Architects is working on plans for a residential building to rise up to four-stories on the triangular site which borders the old Southern Pacific Railroad Right of Way and is across from Parque Ninos Unidos.

As newly envisioned and formally submitted to planning, the existing 700-square-foot home on the southern half of the parcel would be razed, an underground garage for four cars would be dug, and nine condos, “with an emphasis on larger family-friendly 2-bedroom and 3-bedrooms units,” would be constructed across the site.

953 Treat Massing

The Treat Street parcel, which also sits across from a proposed 115-unit development we first revealed as well, was purchased for $1.9 million in March.  And by proposing to build fewer than ten units upon the site, the project would not need to include an inclusionary housing (BMR) component.

15 thoughts on “New Plans For Parcel Across From Parque Ninos Unidos”
  1. Does anyone know what the fate of the old railroad right of way is? Is no one allowed to build on this, or is it specially owned even though it’s no longer in use?

    1. From the development proposal (keep in mind that they’re positioning to maximize their lot coverage and buildable area):

      “The rail lot is essentially undevelopable as it is riddled with access easements to other properties on the block. It is destined to remain a vacant parcel and is the de-facto midblock open space that all of the buildings around it benefit from. With the rail lot creating the mid-block open space, 100% lot coverage (or close) is the dominant block patterns. This dense urban condition is alleviated by the open space created by the vacant rail lot.”

      And don’t forget, there’s another development proposed to rise along the Right-of-Way at the other end of the block.

      1. @SocketSite: Thanks for the info! I always wondered what the old ROWs were destined for. I know that many of them are still listed as owned by SP (now UP). I’m actually quite glad that they will remain as is, since it gives a glimpse into the history of the neighborhood.

    2. @john I’ve always imagined [and hoped] these few remaining right of ways to be converted to small parks.

      I assume the city would have to purchase them… and the way that seems to play out (via the plan for a park @ 17th & Folsom) it would take 20 years. Alternatively, the city (looking at you Sup. Campos) should work to buy these lots up and build some BMRs to satisfy the Mission’s need for moderately priced housing.

  2. I remember there an ROW lot for sale in the Bayview a few years back. I think not only does an owner/developer have easement issues to contend with, but a high likelihood of environmental factors to contend with. Tricky parcels with setback requirements etc. That Bayview lot was marketed as a contractor’s yard or similar.

  3. Oh no! What will the three homeless who sh!t on the street and litter profusely and who have their tents here do?

    Will somebody please do something to save the homeless? It’s part of our cultural heritage and helps make San Francisco the lovely clean society it is!

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