17th and Folsom

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has determined that building a wet weather storage basin to reduce neighborhood flooding as part of the park project at 17th and Folsom “would not make enough of a beneficial impact locally to justify the high costs to San Francisco ratepayers” and the SFPUC will not proceed with their storage basin plan.

Final park design and construction are now clear to move forward with the new tentative opening date for the park scheduled for Summer 2015. And while the SFPUC will continue to assess their options for reducing area flooding, in the near-term they’re recommending property owners install protective measures for when the storms do come.

6 thoughts on “Folsom Street Park Cleared To Move Forward (With Possible Flooding)”
  1. Is the city signing up for sweeping that playground for drug paraphernalia every morning or is that up to the parents and children like at the other playgrounds in this part of the city?

  2. YAY! This is a really welcome change for the neighborhood. There is really no place for neighbors to congregate currently, and I think this will have a really nice impact on the residential area around Shotwell-Folsom streets. The parking lot is a giant waste of space, and only serves outsiders, not those who actually live in the surrounding area.
    I’m definitely looking forward to having a place to take my dog — Dolores Park and Franklin Square are both quite the walk away.

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