Having sat empty for the past ten years, an ordinance to allow Mercy Housing to convert the vacant four-story Single Room Occupancy (SRO) building on the northwest corner of Page and Masonic to 16 units of affordable housing is slated to be passed by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors this afternoon.
The building at 1500 Page was approved for use as an SRO for formerly homeless adults back in 2009, but that project was abandoned. The current plan is to convert the building’s 38 rooms into 16 self-contained studios for developmentally disabled adults who qualify as Lower or Very Low Income Households and a one-bedroom for an on-site manager.

2 thoughts on “From Long-Vacant Building To Affordable Housing In The Haight”
  1. Great! How many more vacant sites like this exist in the city? Convert them all to affordable/BMR housing or raze them and build new market-rate housing.

  2. What is the definition of “Vacant”? This City government really does not give a poop about creating BMR housing….!! We are lousy with “vacant site”..if you include sites that are “partly vacant”. To wit: All City parking lots that are simply “street level” parking.. Take the one on 9th Ave, between Irving and Judah… it runs all the way over to 8th Ave… How many bmr units/ senior units… could it accommodate on three levels above the street level, or on 7 levels above the street level…

    And: screw “adding in parking for the BMR/senior apts. That wipes out too many units,…AND we have to control the # of new cars allowed in SF..

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