2006 Washington Street

The 10th floor of the überexclusive Pacific Heights building at 2006 Washington Street has traded hands in a hush-hush deal and at a price point never before seen in San Francisco.

While the seller had been privately seeking as much as $35 million for the 5,400-square-foot, full-floor unit #10, according to a plugged-in source, the sale price was closer to $30 million.

A sale at $30 million would not only make it the most expensive apartment (condo/co-op) in San Francisco, surpassing the $28 million paid for the nearly 17,000-square-foot penthouse atop the San Francisco St. Regis, but it would shatter the price per square foot record for all residences in the city, both current and anticipated, at over $5,500 per square foot.

And we’re told the buyers, who are not in tech nor from overseas, are working on plans to gut and remodel the unit.

The sellers of 2006 Washington #10 paid $14 million, or roughly $2,600 per square foot, for the unit in August 2000.  Zillow’s current “Zestimate” for the property is $6,461,232.

Designed by Conrad Alfred Meussdorffer, overlooking the Spreckels Mansion with unobstructed views of the San Francisco Bay, there is a much smaller unit on the “11th” floor of the building, but the 10th floor of 2006 Washington was the original penthouse unit and many still refer to it as such.

34 thoughts on “Pacific Heights Penthouse Sale Smashes SF Real Estate Records”
  1. Just goes to show you Zillow isn’t always right! I had a potential buyer of a flip offer me the Zillow price after weeks of back and forth … too bad he was about $250k below what the actual market price ended up at. I did not even bother to counter his offer.

    1. I think Zillow just takes an average of the area and touts that as the value, so unless all the houses / units directly around it just sold it isn’t accurate.

  2. Wasn’t the 11th floor split off from the penthouse? I hope the buyers are able to merge them back at some point. I heard about this a few weeks ago but was an “I’ll believe it when I see it” scenario. Considering how unique this property is, I don’t think this will have much of an effect on current pricing or sales in D7.

    1. Good god, do people really live like this? What are they, 120? There’s some nice detail in some of these rooms, but I have no idea why these living and dining rooms do all these 17th century high end French brothel thing.

  3. Did Tom Wolfe buy it? Very Bonfire of the Vanities.

    I think a cravat just shot out of my DVD drive when I clicked on the link.

  4. Where the heck are all of the Middle East/Saudi money? I thought Emirates, Qatar, Etihad Airlines would shuttle some oil money into this town. In Town & Country magazine, I read a Saudi prince spent lavishly to recreate the whole European Christmas in Austria (in October) for his “leggy Welsh mistress.” He needed to spend the December holidays with his actual family. I don’t care about how the place was decorated, just want to check out the Welsh mistress.

  5. People do live like this, although it is obviously an acquired taste, and more often acquired on the east coast or Europe. What you discover when you sit down to dinner, or drinks in the library afterwards, is that it is very comfortable, almost soothing, easy to like. All those skilled craftsman and “interior architects” knew something about creating houses and apartments for people with servants. The buyer of this apartment has servants.

    1. Conifer,
      I agree with respect to the quality of the library and the interior detailing in general. Other aspects of the interior are gaudy and gauche. Especially the chandeliers. This apartment could use some subtlety. For me, this looks like someone trying to affect their idea of how old money lives. Like Navin Johnson’s house in “The Jerk” or this place (namelink).

      The Pierre Hotel in NYC is about as elegant in an “old world” style as anything you’ll find and the interior is much more understated than this place. For more local examples of elegance done right, check out the PU or University Clubs.

  6. The PU is not continental, and for the style it is, it is very grand. The University Club was very appealing until a certain president decided to “freshen it up” by painting the dark wood, a huge mistake, ruining the original ambience.

  7. Zillow is completely worthless in this market and any market for that matter. They’d make no money if it wasn’t for naïve agents that advertise on their site. What a great business, shuffle data provided to you for free and charge the agents to advertise on their site that provided that information. And then provide bad information to the general public and never remove listings that have sold 6 months ago so you can advertise that you have the most homes on your site. Zillow is all smoke and mirrors, they really and truly suck.

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