2006 Washington Street

While still noting “coming soon” on Malin’s San Francisco Properties site, 2006 Washington #4 has hit the MLS asking $8,500,000. As a plugged-in tipster adds, asking $12,500,000 with McGuire in March (and apparently $15,000,000 prior to that).

It’s a full floor in the classic, and überexclusive, Conrad Alfred Meussdorffer designed Pacific Heights cooperative building.

[2006 Washington] was designed to take advantage of 100 feet of open space to the west by facing towards the Golden Gate and so looks down on the George Applegarth-designed Spreckels Mansion.

2006 Washington Aerial (Image Source: Google.com)

Each of the main floors is about 5500 square feet…Originally ten apartments, the 2200 square foot penthouse has been separated from the tenth floor to create an eleventh apartment.

Number four includes four bedrooms (plus one for the maid), five full bathrooms (plus two half’s), and two terraces/parking spaces. We’ll let you know when/if interior photos arrive.

UPDATE (8/27): Still no interior shots, but we now have the full floor plan.

20 thoughts on “2006 Washington Number 4 Returns Asking 32 (Plus) Percent Less”
  1. Not looking at the HOA dues. Not looking at the HOA dues. Not looking at the HOA dues. Not looking at the HOA dues.
    Arrgghhh. Couldn’t resist! $4907.85 HOAs.

  2. Is this the building that Pelosi has a Pad in ?
    Does anyone know
    1. If each unit is the full floor and
    2. If yes to 1, then do they have 360 degrees view of the City ?
    I can’t wait for the additional pictures !

  3. Yes, the upper units at least have amazing 360 views (+ the advantqage of “looking down” on Danielle Steele’s place next door. This one is on a low floor, so it has a building/light shaft to the east. With Malin working her marketing magic… with Arthur McLaughlin working his fresh paint and staging magic, this shouldn’t last long.

  4. This will totally sell – maybe not at asking, but I bet Malin will move it fairly quickly. We’ve been over this many times, but there are really only three super-prime “high-rises” in Pacific Heights, and 2006 Washington is atop that list. I look forward to seeing the staging! It was a little odd that the previous agent never posted any interior pictures. It makes me wonder about the overall condition of the unit.

  5. $5000/mo HOA?
    Makes that Russian hill listing for $5M look a lot better 🙂 Hmm, I see it’s still on the market, excuse me, I have some banks to rob now . . .

  6. This building looks really old. For that kind of money you could get a new/almost new unit with much more square footage on a higher floor in One Rincon. ORH has views of a bridge too, and it’s closer to the Transbay Terminal and CalTrain.
    Does this building even have a Zipcar pod?
    /sarcasm off

  7. Malin has a better chance of selling this unit than anyone else. She sold #9 in 2004 if I remember correctly for around $10MM. Also back in the early 2000’s she sold #2 for something like $7-8MM. I think its safe to say she’s sold more in that building than anyone else…

  8. R u serious SausalitoRes?!?!
    How can you even compare one of the most prestigious PH buildings to ORH?
    Come on man….

  9. Richard -SausalitoRes was joking. I love the penthouse and the wrap around terrace at this building. Been looking at it for years and have always wondered how much it would cost.

  10. The PH would have been so much more grand if it would have stayed as the original 2 floor 7k+sqft. unit it was originally designed and built as. Whomever spit the two should be shot, albeit they probably profited hugely by doing it. Now the “true” PH is a measly 2200 sqft. and for this building thats not much. Although, you do get that ammmmazing wrap around balcony.

  11. SS should do a feature on Daniell Steel’s home(s) just for the heck of it. It’s never going on the market, and would be fun to hear the outpouring of information on it. She actualyl owns quite a few homes in SF. 😉

  12. @resp, there are 2 threads on this home and you are looking at the wrong one. Your unedited comment lives on. See name link. 🙂

  13. New Interior Pics online that should put to rest any questions about the interior condition of this unit. Although no pics of kitchen and some of the pics seem a bit overly staged.

  14. The unit was totally empty as of a couple of weeks ago… I guess they finally were able to stage the place. It’s a little bit of a let down, actually. Unit 10 with its mahogany paneling was a bit more classic looking. This looks like something of a blank slate. Good for someone looking for a big, expensive project, but it makes what I initially thought was a fairly reasonable price seem a little excessive. It definitely makes the 15 million they were asking last year look ridiculous…

  15. What are you talking about Eddy? That fish with wings in shot 14 & 15 is an instant classic. A must in any place I would consider calling home.

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