2006 Washington Street

Designed by Conrad Alfred Meussdorffer, the überexclusive building at 2006 Washington was designed to take advantage of 100 feet of open space to the west, facing the Golden Gate Bridge and overlooking the Spreckels Mansion in which Danielle Steele now resides.

2006 Washington Aerial (Image Source: Google.com)

Originally ten units, the 2,200 square foot penthouse atop 2006 Washington was separated from the tenth floor to create an eleventh. And while floors two through ten are 5,500 square foot, full-floor co-op apartments, unit number one on the first floor is “only” a two-bedroom, perhaps that’s why it’s been listed as “an elegant pied-a-terre defined.”


Purchased for $4,900,000 in March of 2009 according to Refin, the recently renovated 2006 Washington Street #1 is now back on the market and listed for $5,299,000. And yes, the building’s Board must interview and approve the buyer.

∙ Listing: 2006 Washington Street #1 (2/2.5) – $5,299,000 [2006washington.com]

8 thoughts on “A Five Million Dollar Pied–À–Terre In Pacific Heights”
  1. I wonder from the aerial photo, does the Spreckels mansion sit on the largest lot in San Francisco for a single family home?

  2. That is one elegant home. I’d change the faux-library wallpaper, but other than that, I’m ready to move in. Taking donations.

  3. Can Danielle Steele not afford a decent landscape architect?
    The biggest back yard in SF and it’s just a big sod croquet course.

  4. looks like the whole building was dipped in a vat of pepto bismol.
    inside looks beautiful.
    but for $5m, i’d happily exchange the ‘uberexclusive’ for a traditionally ‘exclusive’ building with a VIEW.

  5. Palladium windows? like made from that metal? Too often people will parrot things they think they heard, but it’s possible that it was a typo or auto-correct software error. I think they meant Palladian windows which are named after Andrea Palladio, a somewhat famous architect to some, apparently.

  6. SocketSite wrote:
    > Purchased for $4,900,000 in March of 2009 according to Refin
    Did this actually “sell” in 2009 or is it still owned by the Harris family?
    The sale site says:
    > Offered for the first time in decades
    The Chron Obit says:
    > Mr. Harris suffered an apparent stroke
    > while enjoying cocktails in a neighboring
    > apartment in the Washington Street complex
    > where he lived.
    On an interesting note Mr. Harris’s parents place in Woodside is now the guest house at 360 Mountain Home Road. His brother Larry Harris (the oldest living Stanford grad) sold the place in 1997 to Tully Friedman for $8mm. Tully moved the original Harris family home on the site and built his crazy fancy home that he sold last year for $117 million.

  7. I don’t think that Ms. Steele’s purchase of the Spreckles house included the rear lot. I think the heirs kept it for some reason.
    On the Jackson street side are the garages that Alma Spreckles occasionally donated for use as a charity thrift shop of some sort or other.

  8. Is there a another unit on the ground floor? 1 “South” on Washington Street? The design of the building seems to indicate as much. Thanks in advance for any info.

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