631 O'Farrell #2101 Solarium at Night

While the game changing conversion of a Polk Street SRO from low-income housing to “San Francisco’s newest boutique hotel” continues on and is expected to re-open this summer, the $4 million Trendyloin penthouse atop The Hamilton has fallen out of contract and is once again active and available.

Purchased for $2,500,000 in 2000 and listed for $4,500,000 in 2009, the 3,900-square-foot unit #2101 was remodeled and listed anew for $5,250,000 in 2013, re-listed for $4,250,000 in 2014, and then reduced to $3,950,000 this past July.

9 thoughts on “Take Two, Or Three, For $4M Trendyloin Penthouse”
  1. There is a reason that “location, location, location” is the catch-phrase for real estate. No matter how cool a place is, quite often you walk out the front door. Who wants to spend this kind of money to walk out the door into this neighborhood? It really made no sense at all to build a 3900 sf several million dollar unit here. Would have made more sense to build 5 nice, much smaller and much cheaper units.

  2. the hood does suck a wee bit but one can map a relatively copacetic route from here to union square: up leavenworth a block, and then down geary. have some balls rich people it’s a gorgeous place! the staging kind of sucks…

  3. Ever been up there? They had an open house last year, so I checked it out. It’s all chopped up into surprisingly small rooms, and the decor makes it feel even smaller. The layout of the public areas is awkward. The fixtures *were* the height of fashion, and are starting to look dated. (To my eye, anyway.)

    The location isn’t helping, but I don’t think it’s the main problem. I think it’s that this place was a rich person’s custom dream house, so the next rich person is going to have to tear it all out and start from scratch to make it into their own custom dream house, and the next rich person doesn’t want to blow a year on construction before they get to enjoy the amazing views up there. So they pass on this and go find something less customized elsewhere.

  4. never been up there but a pal lived on the….16th? floor looking north…i’m in love with the views, the bones, and the greco-roman glass-vault 270-degree-view atrium space. i can’t think of any other building in that “liveable” (groceries, shopping, theaters, restaurants: walking distance) of a neighborhood with so many great architectural features, on that grand of a scale. it does need work, but i actually like the turquoise study. it’d be great pad for dinner parties.

  5. UPDATE: The listing for the penthouse atop The Hamilton at 631 O’Farrell Street has once again been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

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