3437 Mission Street

Behind the blacked-out windows of the Bernal Heights building on the southeast corner of Mission and Kingston, the “Kingston Shack” has been operating as an illicit gambling hall, filled with electronic slot machines and paying cash prizes. It’s much safer to use phone casinos so that you don’t potentially end up in an illegal, unsafe gambling environment. It’s also wise to only attend casinos/ gambling halls that operate an official website. When it comes to playing casino games, even with it being as simple as choosing to play automate (or spielautomate as they’d say in Germany), it is not worth breaking the law over, especially where there are sites online that allow people to play these sorts of games for fun and to potentially win money.

You can tell which websites are secure by the Gambling SEO Services they may have in place. I.e. how high is the casino in the rankings and so forth.

And despite numerous complaints from neighbors and multiple citations from the police, the Shack has continued to operate unabated. Whilst many who used to attend have turned to agen judi bola online instead, which is much better for all involved, some continue to be lured in by the illicit games on offer at the Shack.

This morning, City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed suit against the owners and operators of Kingston Shack in San Francisco Superior Court, vowing that they “will come to regret that they didn’t take warnings from police more seriously.”

No word on the odds of the lawsuit’s success or what might become of the building.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sam

    Oh no, people are playing slot machines! Round em up

    • Posted by JR "Bob" Dobbs

      Well, it is illegal. Either comply with the law or seek to change it. But we can’t let people pick and choose which laws they think are important enough to abide by.

    • Posted by Futurist

      Shut em down. It’s illegal. And trashy.

    • Posted by Brad

      I’m with you, Sam. Who cares?

      • Posted by Zig

        It’s all poor people playing for low stakes usually

  2. Posted by gold_rush_town

    Yeah, if people could pick and choose laws, then the city of San Francisco could take public tax dollars and formally fund the legal defense of tenants fighting Ellis act evictions through the Tenderloin Housing Clinic. They could use property owner’s tax dollars to prevent the same owners from being able to use their properties.

    Wait, that would be too kafka-esque, right?

    • Posted by JR "Bob" Dobbs

      Yep – that is a crazy, ill-conceived city use of tax dollars imho (on the other hand, we provide free lawyers to murderers and rapists every day, using the victims’ tax dollars, and the Constitution even requires it!). But is the practice you mention illegal? Not that I’m aware of. If it is, it would be easy to stop – just seek a writ in Superior Court.

  3. Posted by Zig

    I recall playing those things back in the day early 1990’s on Mission St. in the Excelsior

    If it is still the same you buy “credits” for cash and play only for “credits” which you can cash out

    They used to be pretty common

  4. Posted by Jim

    4182-B Mission st the worst place in the excelsior district. Unknown illicit activities
    going on 24/7 at this location. Police unable to do anything since owners of this
    dump know how to camouflage it as a “legal business”

  5. Posted by Ed

    I still don’ t understand how the police is unable to do anything about this rathole. (4182-b Mission st). Lots of thugs in and out 24/7. I guess working class neighborhoods are ignoted by the politicians.

  6. Posted by Ed

    too bad

  7. Posted by Tom

    4182-b mission st san francisco. Stay away from this gambling den. Place is full of thugs

  8. Posted by Peter

    How come neighboors don’t do anything about this damn place. 4182b Mission st is a public menace to working people.

  9. Posted by Jim

    Good news folks. That gambling den at 4182b mission st. in San Francisco has been closed by the police. Thank you SFPD. Some peace at last for the neighborhood.

  10. Posted by Someone who see's the other side

    OMG… ALL THE THUGS ARE OUT IN THE STREET.. They don’t have a safe haven for the police to get them since 4182B is closed. DON’T FORGET TO DOUBLE LOCK YOUR DOORS 🙂

    Now I will have to be more extra careful wherever I’m at…

  11. Posted by marco

    Wouldn’t the SF Progressives consider this a “war on the poor?” Isn’t David Campos going to get Calle 24 and his other Mission allies together and hold a protest against this lawsuit?

    Progressive San Francisco often picks and chooses which laws to enforce and which not to enforce to the point where many residents feel like pretty much anything goes — and in fact, in some cases the city actively encourages and assists those who are breaking the law (Sanctuary City), and ignores enforcement in other cases.

  12. Posted by Joseph

    The thugs seem to be regrouping at 4182b Mission st. Neighboors keep an eye on this rathole.

  13. Posted by Bob

    4182b Mission seems to be quiet nowdays. Neighboors. Stay alert and report any suspicious activity.

  14. Posted by Bob

    The crooks are bringing new gambling machines now. Starting the gambling den over again. Neighboors stay alert.

  15. Posted by Bob

    4182b mission st gambling den is back in business. After being shut down by the cops about 5 months ago, they are fully operational now. Please politicians do something about this sh*thole.

  16. Posted by Chris

    4182 B Mission st rathole can’t be stopped. Gambling, drugs, prostitution, you name it. All in one stop.

  17. Posted by brian

    They also sell stolen goods.

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