300 Grant Site and Old Plan

Plans to raze the three-story building on the northeast corner of Grant and Sutter (300 Grant) and construct a ten-story building, with 45 condos over two floors of retail and parking, were approved back in early 2008.

Waylaid by the great recession, the development never materialized.  And now, new plans to simply expand the corner building to include the adjacent parcel, upon which the one-story building at 272 Sutter currently sits, and add a fourth floor across the site have been drafted.  And as proposed, the first three floors would remain retail while the combined fourth floor would become offices.  And that’s it.

The Downtown corner site is zoned for development up to 130 feet in height.

15 thoughts on “Downsized Plans (And No Condos) For Downtown Site”
      1. Isn’t it something? Looks like something that was built in 1920. Really gorgeous design. Wonder if there are any more renderings (of higher resolution).

  1. The 2008 building is not neo-gothic. However, gothicity is alive and well, and the new Roman Catholic Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland is proof that Gothic [is] For Ever.

  2. Greed of planning board someone decide. Replacment yet there diamonds and gold. Downtown realty whom? Infuencing speculation NAIOP! Best friends of towards renters. Rights aritcle stated failed what? Concept or project wasn’t rejected multi-family. Office and towers getting approved. Bay Area surrounding counties. Mention fair housing BMR below market rate. Cancelled or disapproved why immediate profits. Some group with cash revision of exterior. Going build location why hot market. If so offer discount units some. Eager resident trying enjoy San Francisco. City of Greed!

  3. Perhaps not an ideal location for residential, but for small scale offices for professionals (from lawyers and doctors to watch or computer repair) it’s ideal and that’s what all those missing floors could contain. As the city grows in population due to residences being built elsewhere, it needs more services like these, but we are throwing away the opportunity to build some yet again–though any building so far below the petmitted envelope will likely be torn down and replaced not so long into the future. Why waste the effort and resources to build it now?

  4. I thought doctors’ offices need to follow certain protocol and special regulations ie. hazardous waste disposal, sink plumbing in each examining room, ADA compliant, etc. That is why doctors’ and dental offices group together in specialized medical office buildings on Post Street in Union Square. Law offices can be set up anywhere, preferably within walking distance of the courthouse (depending on whether lawyers are practicing in federal or state courts.) Most legal research and court filings are done online and the old looking case books in law libraries and conference rooms are for show only.

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