800 Indiana Rendering 2014: Building A and B

With relatively few comments or challenges, the Environmental Impact Report for AvalonBay’s proposed development of 338 apartments to rise at 800 Indiana Street, in Dogpatch on the 2.5-acre parcel upon which the San Francisco Opera’s warehouse currently stands, is slated to be certified by San Francisco’s Planning Commission this week.

Surrounded by 22nd Street to the south, 20th Street to the north, Indiana Street to the east, and Interstate 280 to the west, the proposed development would rise up to 58 feet in height with three distinct five-story buildings, three publicly-accessible plazas, four private courtyards and 4,400 square feet of rooftop deck space.

800 Indiana Overview

A subterranean parking garage would provide parking for up to 230 cars and at least 177 bikes.  And in addition to a whole host of proposed streetscape improvements along Indiana, there’s the potential for a new public dog park along 20th, and a dog wash for residents, as well.

Construction on the $92 million 800 Indiana Street project is currently slated to commence in June of 2015 and finish around September of 2017, assuming no major delays.

9 thoughts on “Big Dogpatch Development Slated To Clear Environmental Hurdle”
    1. Agree, looks great. That entire block can be very dead and sketchy, so this’ll help bring some life to the western edge of the dogpatch.. and of course Pier 70 will do wonders for the east edge. I’m also curious about the block north of this, esp since it’s directly across Esprit Park.

    2. Ed: the link is to an item over six months old. I’m assuming it secured Planning Commission approval. Why hasn’t it broken ground yet?

  1. 338 apartments and parking for only 230 cars. I would guess that each apartment will have an average of 1.5 cars, so that means an additional 277 cars fighting for street parking. Sounds like a nightmare to me. Parking will soon be impossible in this neighborhood. Considering it takes me 45 minutes to get 3.5 miles on the terrible T line, a car is a necessity – not an option.

    1. what David said. I live in the area happily without a car, so parking is happily impossible for me already. one’s ‘necessity’ is at least partly a matter of perspective.

  2. Oh god it’s so huge. No, wait, build it taller. I can’t believe how many parking spaces they’re providing, don’t they know this is the 21st century? No, there should be more parking – owners can always sell empty spaces to Chinese investors, it’s the free market after all. This is going to ruin the ‘real’ Dogpatch. Unless it revitalizes it. Too bad it’s so bland and boring. Except where it’s innovative and unique.

    There – if anyone has something different to say from the above, I’m eager to hear it.

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