On the positive news front, the average number of new COVID-19 cases diagnosed in San Francisco, which had climbed to a pandemic high of 371 per day two weeks ago, is on the decline and could drop back under 200 new cases per day for the first time since early December next week.

At the same time, local hospitalizations are on the decline as well. But there are still over 200 local hospital beds currently occupied by COVID-19 patients and at least 53 people in an ICU.

And while the ICU availability in San Francisco has ticked up to 26 percent, the ICU availability for the greater Bay Area Region currently measures 6.6 percent and isn’t projected to rise above 15 percent over the next four weeks. And as such, the Regional Stay Home Order which went into effect in mid-December, to stem the sharp end-of-year rise in transmission, remains in place.

UPDATE: California Lifts All Regional Stay Home Orders

10 thoughts on “COVID-19 Case Rate and Hospitalizations in San Francisco Drop”
  1. Biden is in office, and COVID cases/hospitalizations drop. It’s a MIRACLE!!! Thank God for our healer in chief!

    1. Or maybe local measures to encourage sheltering-in-place are working to stop the spread of the disease…

      1. I don’t really see less people out and about, tbh.

        Traffic’s been steady throughout (although obv not at prepandemic levels, but people are going places and doing things)

        1. I am surprised by how many people you still see out and about but mask wearing has become more commonplace (thank God) and people are mostly moving about rather than lingering at a crowded dining space or indoors.

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