Speaking of previously approved projects that have yet to break ground, the entitlements for the 230-unit development to rise at 667 Folsom Street are slated to expire in two months time and building permits for the project have yet to be requested.

With that in mind, Equity Residential is now seeking a three-year extension to the performance period for the project which had been granted by Planning back in January of 2017.

And while the ground for the 14-story building to rise on the Canton Seafood & Dim Sum restaurant site on the corner, which the 667 Folsom street development is slated to wrap around, has yet to broken, building permits for the 89-unit development were recently issued and demolition permits have been secured as well.

655 Folsom Street Rendering 2016

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Hunter

    Finally; was getting worried these two projects would miss this cycle entirely. One down, 1K more SoMa parking lots and one-story warehouses to go.

    Anyone know what the holdup is at Shipley & 5th? Demolition is complete but the lot has been vacant for a couple months now…

    • Posted by Orland

      What about the site of the former gas station/fast food joints at 9th/Howard? Been leveled for well over a year now.

      • Posted by Hunter

        Yeah there was some issue with the remediation there, I vaguely remember reading that it would not get moving for a long time. Hoping the developer is applying for a state density bonus to get that one over 5 stories…Western SoMa is a joke.

        • Posted by Jimbo

          Western soma zoning is a total joke. Should be at least 12 stories. Right between Hub and central Sima, walkable to anywhere downtown, next to BART and freeway, yet 5 floor max zoning

  2. Posted by Dave

    Another project on hold/abandoned. As to demolition permits being pulled for the other one of these projects, there are holes downtown where demo permits were pulled and demo occurred but the project was not built. Don’t be surprised if the Canton site turns into another empty hole. It is hard to see the economics being there to move forward with the Canton project. What is it with the people standing on the decks of the adjacent existing building? Were they photoshopped in?

    • Posted by Big D

      Can all agree that we’re done being concerned about people being ‘photoshopped’ into renderings and/or utility lines being taken out? It’s pretty of obnoxious.

    • Posted by BTinSF

      It’s a rendering, not a photograph . . . even the adjacent buildings look drawn albeit with “photorealism”.

  3. Posted by Orland

    It was recently itemed here that the proposed tower diagonally* across Folsom also continues to inch forward through Planning. Two out of three wouldn’t be bad.

    *Don’t want to start up the “kitty-corner” debate again.

  4. Posted by Scott F

    Can’t wait. Love the modern look of this project. Hope it still holds up when most blinds are drawn.

    • Posted by Plugger

      It’ll be value engineered in to flat glass walls for sure.

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