The Port of San Francisco is about to officially solicit bids to start dredging the Bay and build San Francisco’s future Mission Bay Ferry Landing near the intersection of Terry A. Francois Boulevard and 16th Street, cater-corner to the new Chase Center and adjacent to the future Bayfront Park.

As such, the future ferry terminal – which is expected to provide peak hour services to and from Alameda-Oakland, Vallejo and possibly Larkspur, linked via San Francisco’s Ferry Building terminal, along with special event services for all scheduled Golden State Warriors’ games and other big evening or weekend events at the Chase Center, for which a temporary service is now landing between piers 48 and 50 – isn’t likely to be operational before the fourth quarter of 2021, at the earliest.

And the proposed Water Taxi Landing, which would be located approximately 400 feet south, is now likely to follow, rather than precede, construction of the ferry landing.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Can't Think of Cool Name

    Why can’t the water taxi and ferry terminal be integrated together for easy transfers?

    • Posted by Anonymous

      Transfers aren’t really a thing between larger ferries and water taxis. The only place this *might* make sense is at the Ferry Building.

  2. Posted by Hunter

    What’s the problem with using the temporary terminal permanently? Seems like this is a waste of time and money.

    • Posted by Anonymous

      I think it can only handle 1 ferry, it wasn’t designed for consistent ferry use, and it’s farther from the arena.

    • Posted by Martin

      I think it lacks a floating dock making ADA access “challenging”. Since tide goes up and down by about 6ft twice a day, it’s also trickier to leave a ship parked for hours, but something not hard since some crew will always remain on the boat.

  3. Posted by matteo

    ‘cater-corner’… all my life i thought it was kitty corner.

  4. Posted by L'UrbanistaSF

    adverb · adjectiveNORTH AMERICAN
    adverb: cater-corner
    situated diagonally opposite someone or something.
    “apartments in the renovated building cater-cornered from the church”

    It totally caught me out as well. Hmmmmm.

  5. Posted by Kareem Barzegar

    wait, its not kitty corner? mind-blown

  6. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    Can they implement one down near Brisbane and Candlestick Point to take some of the pressure off of 101 and the future HSR, along with India Basin and BVHP area? Seems with rising sea water, they could make more than one pier and solve a lot more with rising sea levels….? Perhaps at the end of the Geneva Harney and T-Line link to HSR and if possible 2nd bay tube? Seems like they could be coordinating more and solving more in one swoop, vs. getting cornered into contracts that cost double or triple in 10 years…

  7. Posted by Nycydr

    Not very Feng Shui? Daggers and blades pointing at Chase center.

  8. Posted by Allan

    I really hope that we would be getting service from Harbor Bay to Mission Bay. The trip seems even shorter than from Alameda-Oakland so it only makes sense I think.

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