The unfinished designer home at 210 Laidley, which was being built for its current owner and not a developer, hit the market earlier this year with an $8.995 million price tag.

Designed by John Maniscalco and “poised to become the flagship architectural home in Laidley Heights,” the 6,600-square-foot home sits on a double-wide view lot which was purchased for $1.9 million in 2012 and upon which a 1,500-square-foot mid-century home “in Fairmount Heights” had stood.

According to the listing agent via SFGate, they had “already received offers in excess of [$7.5 million]” for the unfinished home and the $9 million price tag was “something of a bargain,” at least as of three months ago.

And with that in mind, the list price for 210 Laidley has just been reduced to $7.5 million.

4 thoughts on “Big Reduction for Flagship Home”
  1. The listing agent should have been calling those folks who previously submitted the > $7.5 million offers starting about 45 days ago and negotiated. Then the seller might not be suffering from the price cut.

    Sometimes, it’s better to just get on base instead of swinging at an outside pitch trying for the two run homer.

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